Tell me about this reharvesting of photos i heard about, possible?

Is this really a thing.


Yes but it’s time consuming.
Usually a 3 or more week reveg time before resuming normal growth.


Better than trying perpetual grow?

@Phoneman Not sure if this is what you mean or I’m confused. :wink:
A perpetual grow is having your flower area in flower all the time.
You would need a separate space to veg your other plants in.
You’d rotate a few new plants ready to flower into the room as you take a few finished ones out for harvest.
Doesn’t mean perpetually growing the one plant. :wink:

But if you wanted to preserve that one because … then yes it can be done.


Thanks bro, have had some success with lining plants up for harvest close to being continuous but how does one reveg a plant?


Have to place it back on 24 hr light for a few weeks. And then maintain a veg cycle till ur ready to flower again.

You’ll get all kinds of funky single leaf and weird growth in the process too. Not pretty. :joy:


Okay, sounds like its more trouble than its worth. Thanks.


That’s why most folks don’t do it. Far easier to start with a fresh round of clones.
And your welcome.


I am currently trying a re-veg. I cloned a couple of plants and after they established roots I put them into flower. They were short and yielded about an ounce each.

I did no training on these plants and when I harvested them, I left a little bit of bud at the base.

I put them under a cheap grow light (the same one I use for my seedling). In less than 3 weeks they started sprouting stalks.

I don’t have current pics because of a broken card reader, but the plant is about 45 days from harvest and the growth appears to be spot on for a 45 day old clone or seedling. I said appears to be because that is all growth as seen from outside the pot. In the pots of these Reggies (Regina is my wife’s name for them) are roots that are about 4.5. months old. Heck, I haven’t even fed them yet (just like seedlings and clones).

So why did I do this? Mainly 1) to see if I could and 2) to see what will happen. I’m not done.

Are there any benefits? I see a lot of potential. One of the plants has 5 shoots the tallest of which is about 16". All are real good cloning candidates. There are about 7 shoots just starting. I think I’m gonna start taking clones from her. The other will probably just be allowed to grow and then put into flower and then do it all again (maybe). With clones, I haven’t planted a seed since February and if this works out, I won’t even have to mess with clones (I really love clones. I call them my minions).

I don’t believe that I have spent more time with these plants. In fact I’ve done nothing but water them. That means I’ve spent less time.

Just like cloning, this is a endeavor I deemed worth pursuing. I’m not seeing a downside.

Happy growing…


I got the new card reader. These are those plants today.

I’m taking this top as a clone today.

Now remember that I’ve only watered these plants up until now. That’s a whole lot of potential for so little effort.

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Yep, only worth it when you’re wanting to save the genetics of a very special girl.

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