Teffies tiny green garden

Hello all! Been on the forum for a few months and I gotta say y’all are great! ILGM is a great forum I wanna give thanks to all of you in this community helped me with some issues I didn’t quite have a grip on when I first started my indoor garden, now I have a whole new understanding of these beautiful plants that we all enjoy so much!

I’ve explored other forums here and there and noticed that the other communities have a tendency to be a little toxic at times and are not as well moderated as ILGM and for that I thank you all again for sticking around and helping us all out! I love this community and hope to keep raking in and sharing all this wonderful info you geniuses are giving away for nothing more than a thanks… and well a chance to win some free seeds from BOM😂

Now that I got my appreciation out of the way I haven’t really got integrated that well into the community yet I get on daily and try and help and share with new comers as much as I can and as accurately as I can just trying to do my part!

I have created a few threads and that was before I figured out how everything works and how it’s all organized! So now that I’m more understanding and a regular member of the community I’m going to start my grow journal!

Let me get this started: first of all I have been “growing” for many years here and there… now I use the quotes because I wouldn’t consider that I was doing anything to grow any quality or quantity at all! For a few generations my family had been growing illegally In a very un friendly state and it still isn’t friendly… we didn’t have any of this knowledge, we were gorilla growing all over the valley and just letting the girls and boys do there thing and with that process you get junk quality most of the time junk quantities and a lot of seeds, not to mention 100’s of plants just disappearing one week from the next! Now fast forward several years took some classes read some books and now I had an understanding on what a plant needs to thrive and actually produce the quality that i had never had! And even after the books and classes and my arrogance I started growing and then realized I still didn’t know anything :joy: and now everything is starting to click thanks to all you kind souls in this community!

So this will be Teffies grow journal at the moment I’m growing 1 strain ILGM’s power plant won’t have pictures until this weekend the reason why is because the beautiful plants I was gonna have for this journal sadly may not make it… I have been gone from the garden for about 6 days today :confused: my wife just had an Emergency C-section and we just brought our precious little girl into the world yesterday morning and oh boy is she beautiful she came 6 weeks early but is doing well!

Anywho here are my plans for the next few months:
Teffy is going perpetual (hopefully)

Set up: I have a cloning station using rockwool the light for that was my first mistake a blurple🤣 200watts

Veg tent: 2x4x5 with a vipar pro series p2000 (needs bigger light but works) 200 true watts

Flower tent: 4x4x6.5 still using pro series QB’s (future veg lights) 600 true watts in there
I have a stiff or hard scrog screen gonna try that out for one cycle and will prolly end up getting some actual flexible scrog netting for the next cycle

I have a humidifier and a dehumidifier and since winter is coming won’t need an AC until it’s starts to get warm again in about 7-9 months

Also I have all the proper PH and TDS meters Ph up and down and some microbe supplements that I use as well.

I am using cloth grow bags/ FF happy frog for clones and using coco loco as I pot up it’s the only hotter soil I can get can’t find FF ocean forest anywhere other than online/ and will be amending my soils with Dr earth dry amendments so far it’s been great!

At the moment I’m somewhat satisfied with the way my set up performs but can do much better and will update as time goes on!

So I am hoping to beable to harvest every 10-12 weeks perpetually it may differ at first since I have yet to flower this strain and it’s a sativa so we will see how all this goes when we get there!

Also I still haven’t found my strain and I’m a fan of variety so after this cycle I will be dropping many seeds out of my pretty large seed collection! anybody wanna hear what’s in my collection and have a suggestion out of what I have to grow with let me know! I have a few ILGM strains and I have a ton of nirvana seeds and also have a bunch of seeds from a few strains one of my buddies grew while he was living in Puerto Rico and I’m aware of the risks but he’s a great guy he’s a good grower and he’s all about having the best genes possible also am going to get some clones from him ina few cycles!

If there is anything I’m doing wrong, or anything that I missed that you would like to know let me know!

I will have pictures of my current grow in the next few days whether they are dead or alive let’s hope for alive! If they didn’t make it through the drought (neglect) then I will be dropping a bunch of new genetics as soon as I get back to my tiny green garden. Feel free to tag away hang around and chat growing, parenting and learning is my whole life Much love to all!


You’re welcome! Appreciate the recognition!


Wasn’t too sure where to make an appreciation post so figured it was a good intro for my grow journal! Thanks for commenting covert and congrats on the new title man your awesome!


I agree if I had started with most other forums I would’ve grown purely from videos and growing guides (and probably would’ve killed my 1st girls) everyone here is great, super understanding, and kind. We just want everyone to grow as best they can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I almost did kill my first girls haha and had a lot of help here and I’ve been getting on ever since. I wasn’t a member for awhile before I joined but i am sure glad I did! There a lot of good growers on YouTube but they leave a lot of info out or I guess it’s just so drawn out into hours and hours of videos where here you can read an entire thread about one issue or one success big difference for me in information absorption and it helped tons… for years I was just getting a bunch of seeds from my uncle and we would go out and just plant a lot and go back and check every 2 or 3 weeks and it was good enough for him in the 70’s but just doesn’t cut it these days haha after my last harvest I will never consume regs again! Well I don’t think I will.


Welcome and I’ll be watching waiting for the pics :wink:

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Welcome from a fellow northwesterner (western OR)…great intro Teffie.

You are correct, this is a great forum full of helpful and interested growers.
They guided me from a complete newbie to a fairly capable grower.


How’s it going Merlin right on man let’s just say I’m somewhere around there my states governor is a real piece of work I’m sure you can guess at least the state I’m in haha anywho I will be gettin updates on my girls tomorrow as soon as a I’m outa this hospital actually super stressed about my ladies at home been too long without water hoping they will make it because they were gorgeous and growing like crazy. I’m excited for my first grow journal! Glad you guys are following and ready to get to know you folks!


You guys are in luck I happened to remember I did snap an up skirt pick of momma plant 9 days ago!

Edit: she has been vegging for 8-9 weeks topped a couple times shes probably my best plant so far well was anyways haha!


She looks great there and u should be fine just water when u get there and they will perk up after a bit if they are droopy

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I know this one from halfway across the country lol.


Mine is pretty special too. (Sarcasm)


Welcome and congratulations on the new addition. Your state must have “elected the wrong guy as governor”.


Alright folks here’s what I got momma looked horrible when I got home yesterday… and lost so much stretch due to dehydration I decided to remove the training screen I had in place let her repair and go wild and try the screen again next cycle with 6 clones…

And this morning one day later from that pic:


Got the babies all repotted yesterday evening gave um some Superthrive and they are doing well would usually of done 1 gallon pots first but ran out so they are in 5 gallons with coco loco! I do have one question i heard coco loco is amended like OF if that’s true I shouldn’t need to top dress for 3 or 4 weeks right? Im sure it’s true but I’ve never used it before any insight would be great thanks guys!

Edit: I don’t have gnats! Yet haha heard that coco loco tends to have gnat flys in it so I have DE and sticky’s just Incase!


Clones are doin great and big plant is starting to stack it on!

They’re growing so fast tied um over gonna be some monsters by the time they get into a tent


There all looking great as for the coco loco haven’t tried that yet but as it’s only for a medium I think u have to feed nutes the entire time seeing it more like a hydro grow instead of soil which has nutes in it

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Been amending every 3 weeks and I’m due for it tomorrow I think besides the drought she’s looking pretty good haha and yeah so far it’s workin out

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Nice that’s great

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Dropped some new genetics last week I dropped
6-bubbalicious fem and 4-white rhinos fem all germed fine these are from nirvana seeds 2017 was the year they were bought was surprised with 100 percent germ rate they’ve been sitting in a drawer since 2017 haha also gonna start germ on some strains I got from ILGM this week gonna pop a few strawberry cough fem, blueberry fem, blackberry Kush, and I’m gonna try and get some white widows germed they were bought from Nirvana in 2014 I believe we will see if they grow/ none of the old seeds were stored properly but so far so good

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