Technical questions

A question from a fellow grower:

I have three problems. One is how to dispose of the nutrient solution after it is used up. I have a septic tank system and the ground freezes during the winter. I live in the mountains and my drinking water comes from a well located on the property.

The second problem is heating a grow tent system. The unit is out in the garage and during the winter time, the garage temperature can go as low as 40 degrees. Heating the garage cannot be done without enormous cost. I have not solved the heating issue and it is what is stopping me from engaging in the growing process. I cannot grow in the house.

Third, does an infrared light interfere was either the veg or the flower process during the lights out period? There is conflicting information on the internet.

Grow with HPS they give off lots of heat and you might can survive without having to vent the light if you are in a colder climate naturally , just keep air moving and you might do fine .

Yea i would not dump near your well water. Down hill from it might work best.
Infrared light from ? If it’s a little light from a machine or electronics, I’d put black electrical tape over it. Not sure if it effects it, but i like my dark period Dark… Good luck happy growing…

The lights might warm up the area, dunno if from 40F to 75F…but they are turned off eventually and the temps will drop in minutes.

The set up would need multiple lights/grow zones so one is always on. Or heat, imo.

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Insollation heat sinks like black water buckets flip flop lighting using light to regulate temp as in never turn off both at same time. Infra red is entirely usable by plant so would interfere with cycle