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Hey all, so I have a Zkittles autoflower and ive cut buds off it 2 times already and let it veg again. Its now veging for the 3rd time.
First 2 times it was outside and i just let it do its thing. 3rd time(now) i veged it under lights 18/6 & then put it outside. Its flowering now after about a wk.

Q. #1 = is it still an autoflower?
Q. #2 = If i was to seed it, would those seeds still be autos?

(I spray with colloidal silver to get fems) is there a better option/way?

If it revegged, it wasn’t an autoflower.

It never was if you were able to grow it out and reveg it.

Also probably not. Unless you get an autoflower to be the pollen donor.

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Read upon autos a bit more. Supposably if u grow out an auto and leave enough on it to reveg it. It will reveg and become a photo type plant it is supposed to anyways. So getting auto seeds u get basically 2 plants for price of 1 lol that’s if u reveg it. But according to google autos can be revegged but then become photo type not sure if they stay a fem photo or reg photo but supposed to work. I’ll find the article I was reading where the guy revegged them and says that the bud from the revegged plant is way better than the auto buds were. Brb


That’s what I thought, as mine was Photo This is the second time he’s been corrected in 2 days, he’s on a roll. Maybe he should go to the learn column and read some more. Just saying…:thinking:

Be careful about picking on other members. It is not tolerated. @2GreenThumbs


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Interesting. I’ve never let one survive that long. With some limited exception, they have all thrown out herm parts during the final phases of flowering, which doesn’t strike me as genetics worth keeping - perhaps I’ll try this experiment on my next auto. :thinking: possibilities.

I don’t mind being wrong. As long as the folks asking for help get the help they need. I’ve revegged photoperiods before, never tried with an autoflower, just accepted the common “knowledge” that it wasn’t possible. I’m interested to see if it takes much more time or energy than revegging a photo.


@AussieBud, that’s really cool man. I’m just learning about this today; my friend @Retiredoldguy mentioned it too.

@noddykitty1, have you heard about this?


No I have not. That would be cool. I would not be surprised if the plant could switch off the auto trait. If it did not die in the north forest(ruderalis geo orgin) it could say times are good. Let’s save the auto trait for bad times. If the plant could talk of course.

The real test and more interesting experiment (if true) would be in the seeds. Would the seeds auto even if mom gave it up? That’s where my brain ran to anyway.

I wonder if the auto trait would become more intense if you messed with poor frozen conditions on a couple seed runs. Somebody write a grant proposal quick. I see some science needed here.


Also, it could be an great explanation as to why the auto traits are less robust randomly. What I mean is 1 seed out of a 20 pack chose not to auto. It deemed that cozy grow tent good times; and chose to switch off the auto.

Live bearing fish (guppies and platys and mollys) if the stream conditions are poor can often reabsorb the developing embryos instead of giving live birth every 30-40 days. Bet plants could too. Choose to not auto.