Teas made with cannabis roots

So I just read about using cannabis roots for teas and tintures. Curious about extraction methods and what is good for. Any information would be appreciated

Never done it but using roots to make tea is simple. 1) Extract roots from soil.
2) rinse thuroughly make sure all dirt is gone and only roots remain.
3) allow to dry completely, should be brittle and able to be ground.
4)after dried grind into powder and make tea using tea ball or coffee filter/tea bag.


The girls love broken down cannabis root , i reuse the coco coir after months of letting the bacteria break down leftover roots and it adds tons of natural humic acid and nitrogen to the soil, perfect for the babies

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So wait, I us e soil but I can dry and powder to use as fert for next round of ladies?

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If you are using a living soil the microbes and fungi will consume it (decayed organic material) as they do in a compost pile.