Teaming with Fungi - excerpts from the book


As I come across what I see as good info I will post.
additional screen shots will be added as I read the book.
This book and the Authors 2 other companion books are available for free to those who have amazon kindle subscription.
Hope this helps.


Organic Guide to growing Mary Jane
What are Mycos?

Sounds like a good read will be watching


Finished the book. Will be reading his 2 other books.

This symbiotic relationship between fungi Mycorrhizae and plants reminds me of the Movie Avatar…


Here is a product I found that contains Funneliformis Mosseae which was referenced in the Fungi book (above) forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the hemp plants.

I am planning on using this for all of my growing from seed germination or clones, transplanting and soil preparation/mixing.

Mycorrhizae Rules! Lol


My First Growth Journal

Powerful video

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Have you used these spores yet and at what ratio is it recommended? Also I have a concern as to storage, at what temperatures do these Mycorrhizae degrade? As my concern is two fold how do I know they have been handled properly prior to arrival, how does one store the excess?..Thanks


I have used them. As long as you get from a reputable manufacturer you should be fine.
There are granular (put them in soil when transplanting under root ball) and powdered (dissolve in solution and water or put in container at root zone ) forms

Take a look here @Chungo


Short and informative video…

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Here is another supplier of Mychorrizae @Chungo that I ran across today. Seems like a good company from what I’ve read.


I love this series of books.

However, you really probably shouldn’t publish pics of whole sections of a copyrighted work, unless you have permission from the authors to do so.


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Good point @blackthumbbetty
I guess I should delete those posts then?


Link to podcast with the Author of the trilogy of books one of them being this one Teaming with Fungi by Jeff Lowenfels

Enjoy and HAGD!


Good question, I’m not sure as it’s kind of hard to tell these days. I think it’s ok as long as one is not claiming as their work or information.

@garrigan65 any idea?


I have purchased mine from Dominion Seeds in Canada as I have dealt with them for years for my garden needs. One Lt. container $10 Canadian((about $7US). Going to try as a additive to Supper soil and maybe as a tea.