Teaming with Fungi - excerpts from the book


As I come across what I see as good info I will post.
additional screen shots will be added as I read the book.
This book and the Authors 2 other companion books are available for free to those who have amazon kindle subscription.
Hope this helps.



Sounds like a good read will be watching


Finished the book. Will be reading his 2 other books.

This symbiotic relationship between fungi Mycorrhizae and plants reminds me of the Movie Avatar…


Here is a product I found that contains Funneliformis Mosseae which was referenced in the Fungi book (above) forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the hemp plants.

I am planning on using this for all of my growing from seed germination or clones, transplanting and soil preparation/mixing.

Mycorrhizae Rules! Lol


My First Growth Journal

Powerful video