Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


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With 10 plants you’re system is going to be much much larger than what I have, but I’m guessing essentially it’s the same thing just with more nutes n more pH down lol. I check pH ushally twice a day. Once in morning before work then around midnight when I get home. I find after res changes is when the pH will swing up more frequently, but after 4 days or so I’ll sometimes go a couple days with out checking because I know it’s about stabilized. I didn’t check last night cuz the past 2 days it was sitting at 5.8, bout to check my three res’s now just for piece of mind but don’t really anticipate having to adjust anything. Basically imo 5-10 minutes of work a day for a much faster veg, from what I can tell from pics of ppls autos started the same time as mine, and supposedly a higher yield. The yield part is what I’m most curious about from ur experiment. To know if when I finally have room for a tent if I should stay hydro or switch to soil. Probably save money on nutes with soil… IDK… Thats why we need you to do the experiment xD!


I will wait and watch,to find the conclusion to this. I have been under the impression that you waste more nutes in soil than hydro. So we shall see


I’m interested to see so many of the results. I think hydro you’ll use less base nutes but will need to add more things like calmag n hydroguard. I have a feeling you’ll use more pH down but that’s pretty cheap.


all I gave them besides rain water would be fish fertilizer)5.1.1 and Bat Guano tea ( Mexican ) stirring up to 10 Min’s then water



@garrigan62 did you end up harvesting the 2 that went longer than the rest? I think one was the AK47? Just wanted to know cuz I have an AK47 auto right now that’s 64 days in flower and 90 total and is looking about done



No there still cooking…lol yes it was the A-K47 and the White Widow maybe this weekend . aThen finish up the clones and i’m going to shut down and re-do some thing mostly updating the grow room…new venting setup…new lighting AC unit and humidity controll and a few other things



@FloridaSon, I just started some northern light autos outside. Any advice you could give me, this is my first grow.


My NLA is a chunky sob. IDK if that’s really advice… But mines doing really well, started flowering after like 20 something days


Oh wow!!! It started flowering that quickly??? That would be really awesome if mine did that too. I was thinking that I would have to wait until mid august.


Nope they only have like a 3-4 week veg period then go in to flower automatically. I’m about to transplant 3 blueberry autos to outside but haven’t done any outside yet. All I can give you for advice is I’ve heard they like alot of light and also autos are pretty sensitive to nutes so feed at like a 1/4 str once you do start feeding them nutes.


Ok. How long do you think I should wait before I start feeding them nutes, and which kinds do you recommend?


Depends what kind of soil you put them in tbh. If you have something like ffof you might be good all the way through lol. Ppl on here use that soil with photos and don’t start using nutes until after they flip the lights to 12/12. I use general hydroponics but they’re are alot of brands that are good. For my BBAs I’m probably just going to give them pk boost nutes once they start to flower.


Ok that’s cool. I have them in just some regular miracle grow right now, but I was thinking of using ffof or ffhf when I transplant them into the ground.


You best wait till they get settled in before adding any nutrients that soil if loaded with nutrients and bug from what i read and i see it all trust me



Thanks, I really feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, so I just try to take it day by day. They are only about 2 weeks old and I’m not really sure how long I should wait before I put them in the ground, or if I should just put them in 5 gallon buckets.