Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


I would like to be in on this one. DWC is next on my list. :sunglasses:

Cloning Autoflowers


Ok then … the more the better



@garrigan62 very interesting to watch the jump from soil to hydro
Tag me in too



Consider it done my friend…



@garrigan62 you have the. Best emojis brother every time I see a new one it cracks me up :+1:



Good morning my friend How ya doing today



All good buddy
Just started my auto thread this morning trying one for the first time
Have it in dirt 3 gal pot in my small tent just waiting to see her poke through :+1::grin:


Good Morning @Countryboyjvd1971. Can you tag me in your new auto thread so I can follow along please?


I was going to do my goldleaf next, but I’ll wait and see how it’s done. . . I might do a blueberry auto, while the goldleaf is being done by a pro. . . @garrigan62


I have two gold leaf seedlings I’mma put in my big dwc cab as soon as these god forsaken bag seeds finish… They’re in my Jerry rigged veg area, under my computer desk with a sheet around it n 200w of CFL lighting hanging off a rail xD. If you need any help with dwc msg me. I’m not a pro by any means but I kept my bag seeds alive n they’re about done n I have a northern lights auto in an upgraded cash cab 5.0, n she’s doing splendid.


Will do @AnneBonny thanks for the interest :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


Tag me in your journal



Any help would be welcome. I’m a soil guy not a D.W.C guy. lol
Latedwood said he would help me build a setup. I’ m going to do what you and @bob31
suggested. A side by side grow using a soil less medium and using Robert’s Nutrients against D,W,C But i’m not sure about using nutrients with D.W.C i can see a big problem with P, H with out even starting yet.



Just you being there means alot to me. It show’s support and sometimes that’s the best input tto have.



Latewood said he’s been using Roberts nute line in hydro he should be able to help you there. The dwc plants might need a few extra things like hydroguard​ ect, but that’s kind of part of the experiment right? The differences between using the two different mediums. If having to adjust the pH in the water is something needed it’s just something to add to the pros n cons list. What are you concerned about specifically?


Please tag me in the new journal. Something I’m trying now is cloning from my clones. I took a branch just as we put the mother, who is a clone, into 12-12. We expect harvest in about three weeks from the mother, and we have a couple ounces left from the last har, so if this all works we should a continuous supply of known good weed that will grow here.

Suggestions for new grows. A clone generational test/experiment? How many generations can you get from a clone, and how do they yield? A smaller grow, perhaps, alongside some others.

And using stuff from Lowes/Home Depot. Not that I want you to get a hot bag of Miracle Gro and burn your plants, but maybe there are others like me operating on a shoestring.

Thank you so much for your journal and help along the way.



I just cloned 20 gold leaf for my next journal first 10 fem, top, l.s t mainling. Sorg
The other side the same but D.W.C
Should be interesting ya think. Lol



Im curious to watch it :eyes:


Will do @garrigan62 all three of them lol


Unless you can think of anything else