Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


Good news 1 of the clones has got good roots, so I’ve moved her into a coco, humus and pearlite mix, so hopefully this time I could get 1 good clone


@garrigan62…nice very nice! Now how about your white widow? Is it just about ready? I think mine is ready for cutting…it sure didn’t take long…66 days…but I think I need to cut it now!


@countryboyjvd1971…they grow fast…produce fast…I have ww autos and only 66 days in and I’m pretty sure they are ready to cut now!



That is awesome 66 day’s out. Mine ran 90 but the White Widow will be more like 110 day’s…don;t figure but any way it’s awesome to see how two grows can be so different in time grown.



@garrigan62 When you say yours ran 90 days do you mean in flower or total? My autos were germinated 70 days ago and are small and just starting to flower (though I had lack of light light issues) so I am curious.



I sorry about answering so late. But i had a busy day outside the forum.
Your answer to your question is ’ TOTAL ’ days



No worries @garrigan62. Life happens around us and I appreciate you getting back to me.



They were on an 18/6



@Stonetothebone and @bob31 and @Tonyb

I like it also and I thank I’ll go a head and start getting ready.
@bob31 i’ll do it but it will be on a much larger scale. I have the pvc and wire just need to update and bring my grow room up to code…lol
10 plants on one side and 10 on the other. and this time i’ll clone and make seeds, fem, top and LST.
i’LL use my soil less mixture through out the grow. DWC is ok for some and @Tonyb had a very good reason for adding DWC into the mix. But I would loose the plants for sure. just not setup for that kind of grow.
So any body have any thing to add please do so.
Oh hell now i’m having second thought’s about the DWC on one side and my soil less medium on the other.
BUT…@Tonyb your going to help me set the DWC UP OK?

I’ll be waiting on your reply



Dwc is easy lol. You need a tub n a airstone n pump from Petco lol


Holy cow @garrigan62
Will that’s great WooHoo brother I’ll be riding along when you start this one for sure
Id like to make seeds myself too :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
Will your just a book of knowledge and I bow :bowing_man: in respect my friend
:v:️ John


I’ll show you what I got and we’ll go from there ok?

I got 3 or 4 air pumps, buckets. I guess it’s the temp for the water will be my biggest problem. And petco is one mile down the road to…lol



I’ve found if you can keep your air temps at a good lvl you really don’t ever have to worry about res temps. All you really need is some hydroguard n you’ll do fine lol


I mean if you can’t keep the temps in your tent lower than like 82 then you’ll have to start freezing distilled water in ice cube trays n throwing them in once in the am n once in the pm. All I’m saying is I’m about to harvest my first grow that I did dwc that I basically made every mistake possible on n im still probably gunna yield a half way decent amount. Not to mention I have a NLA going in a cash crop 5.0 that I modified that is doing spectacular that is my 2nd grow, first real grow where I knew what I was doing, and I’m already half expecting to get a couple zips off of that one plant in a box that’s the size of a oversized mirco wave or a really small mini fridge. If I can do it I’m positive u with your much much much more grow experience will be able to do it. Hell the experiment might even make you rethink growing soil n go to hydro :wink:


@garrigan62 I will follow any experiment you conduct! Great job on this journal pal!!!


For that 57-59 degrees for root temperature


Can ya tell i’m not a hydo guy, but soon to be one…lol



You know what @MattyBear …you just made my day



I look like that Bear emoji right now lol. Anytime Will @garrigan62


Team @garrigan62 it’s like the

Blue’s Brothers

We’re getting the band back together!

Sweet. I’m in for the long haul!