Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


Will @garrigan62

Here’s my idea!
One Photo Maybe a Gold Leaf (since it is an ILGM strain)

LST, multiple Fimmed and topped and super cropped to fill a 4x4 or larger SCROG


@Countryboyjvd1971 and @BIGE

I will follow both of your grows and if i can help i most certainly do so.




There ya go…now ya talk’n that’s a great idea…this may not take long at all…lmao



You could probably harvest it before my AK is ready, lol.

Ok, maybe a 3x3 so it doesn’t take 4 months of veg.


That. Ak is a bad girl @bob31 lol


I’m gonna start pulling off her leaves one at a time! She loves me…She loves me not…LMAO

@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971


Ahhhh your to funny bob31 lmao


You should pick a strain n do side by side grow of dirt vs dwc. It’s said dwc is faster n stuff but it would be cool to see the actual time difference, if there’s harvest weight differences


TBH you could combine the 2 ideas n do it in a scrogg then you can see how they recover for toppings, bush out, fill the scrogg differently


Love to see like @bob31 said photos with various techniques. Soil or hydro would be cool to follow as well. Trainwreck appears to me to be one of the hardest grows just from looking or maybe chronic


I like the goldleaf idea of doing scrog 3x3 … Thanks @bob31 for the idea…


If you combine both mine and bobs you could see the difference in veg times, times to fill the scrogg, you could post the difference in maintaining them, and probably a bunch of other differences. It would probably help ppl decided better on which medium they wish to grow in too, since I know alot of ppl are afraid to do dwc because they they it’s way harder.


@garrigan62 how about autos growing under different light scheduling maybe 12/12 and 24 hrs


Id say trainwreck grow with me however not sure if you have any trainwreck seeds and mine are abou 2 weeks in…

All in to see a scrog between the clones though brother


I’ve been wondering about that as well
Scrog grow on Autos that it’s


However gold leaf isn’t an auto but id still like to see @garrigan62 do these ladies in a scrog


That would be great cause I’m doing gold leaf next @Majiktoker should be dropping those beans in about 3 weeks or so maybe 4 lol
it would be fun to grow the same strain as @garrigan62 at about the same time


The autos don’t yield alot, but a great bumper crop without having to worry about light schedules.

I just cut my last two autos…

My idea would be to do two photoperiod plants. One with training and one natural. Show the difference in yield.

Great job, Will…


@bob31 What is the name of your journal ? I was looking at it a few weeks ago but can’t find it now. 140 days is a long time ! I want to take a look at it as I had a friend that wants me to grow AK-47 next for him. He is getting sick of driving to CO every time he wants more medicine. TX has no MMJ laws yet !

I love AK and it is on my top three list of medicines. I had a fem AK that took 31/2 months to finish but looking back with my additional experience now, I might have left it for another 2-3 weeks more. Still at that time, (my first grow ever) it tasted like some of the best weed I had ever smoked.

Am very interested in seeing how long you last and how your yield comes out. Take care and stay safe. Jerry


How are you doing in FL? Looks like the rain is upon you also. You really needed it there though.

I like that idea ! I would like to see a comparison to supercropping and not. I have noticed an increase in yield since I started supercropping. I did limited supercropping on my S. kush and got 2.1 oz off one plant that did not exceed 18" tall.

Hoping for better this time with the Calif Dream plant. Take care Jerry