Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


Styrofoam? :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m going to try this method:


Well then @AnneBonny I shall add you to the list of members so that you will recive updates…ok



Awesome and thanks for adding my name to the list. It’s amazing the difference the right lights make and your journal clearly showed me that. My auto flowers that I started 3/26 inside with insufficient light are much smaller but are doing much better since they went outside. Now if it would finally stop raining and the sun would come out here in the northeast I am sure they are ready to rock and roll! ~AB


I here ya about the rain. Been 3 days here in E. Tnn


@garrigan62…they grow fast once they get going!



Your not kidding there !
I can;t believe how fast. I’m thinking finish in 95 days
This is day 77 which puts harvest at 18 more days or on
June 12th



@garrigan62…my calculations for 70 days (auto) is June 15th



Then I stand corrected then, it will be June 15th for harvest.
Thank you very much Kapelady

Well hold on now March 8th they broke ground. That left 23 days April has 30 days and it’s day 25 in May that = 78 days. So with 21 days to June 15th would = 99 days.
But this could change real quick as the buds rippen.
So i’m going to shoot for the 16th of June for harvest which would make 100 days till harvest.

B Safe


We share the same rain. I’m in N GA. I know what you went through. :sunglasses:


@garrigan62 isn’t that kinda long for an auto? I thought there lifespan was like 80days give or take some



No not really, They can take up to 110 days to finish.
When we buy our seeds in the details of the seed that you choose it tells you how long. well that when there grown under perfect conditions and we all know that that isn’t going to happen. So all done and said 90 to 100 really isn’t that bad. you play your cards just right you could get three (3) harvests a year, where as with fem seeds you get just one harvest.



Tonyo??? Think is an outrage!!!


But good looks. That makes me feel better about my NLA n my vacation I’m taking mid July xD

My conditions are pretty perfect though…


Well if your conditions are next to perfect then you should do quite well but most if not all first time growers are.



Ya that was supposed to be read with heavy sarcasm lol. I’m not sure if my conditions are perfect or not lol. My plant is looking pretty bomb… But prefect probably isn’t the word to describe it


Your all good my friend and i did catch the sarcasm lol


Ya I tend to use it too often… Gets me in trouble with wifey :x


my NLA 22 days old xD


Try it with the lights off no L E D light