Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


They look so yummy,


They look good bro woo-hoo getting some what close lol and i see you may have the cadillac working again


Great job @garrigan62 seems like i jumped on just in time to watch the clones grow… really cant wait for the full journal
I tried cloning auto’s once ended up just growing the piece i cut off, but from reading all the way through this clearly i waited to long before taking the cuttings…
look forward to seeing how this goes :slight_smile:


@garrigan62…your camera skills are great…beautiful pics…love how nice they look…I mean the color and diversity of color against what looks like diamonds! lollol …Gotta love how good this looks! Good job!


Ya i know there under 1000 watt hps and a 400 watt hps

and i believe it’s day 78



Oh I am and my girlfriend is making sure of it…lmao



Thank you very much…can’t wait to see how though diamounds smoke…lol



Looking great. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take it easy. Those diamonds will smoke great they look a1


Thank you you very much for the kind words Doc. and ya them Diamonds how sweet it is…



I’m not getting this cloning down yet, tried twice, got them to produce roots but they died after that, both times they survived for about 2 weeks each


Are you treating them like adult plants they do need everything the mother needed @darren and if your getting them to root I’d say something else is going wrong ?


I have them in a proper gator with a light, just spraying in the dome, but I can get them to last 12-14 days, how long before they can go in the tent ? Maybe I’m leaving them to long in the proper gator


I’ll say once rooted ? But let se what @garrigan62 has to say bro I don’t put mine in a dome I use solo cups and I have a small 2x2x4 foot tent I use for seedlings and clones ?


stop misting if they are kept too wet they get trunk rot just leave dome on and add just enough water to tray to keep them moist not wet


this is what I’m trying to do my clones in and I create the dome with 2 empty 2ltr milk container’s, empty, cut in half so 1 fits inside the other and holes in top and bottom


Ok that should work brother try as @Donaldj recommended he knows his stuff


thanks bro, so how long before I put them into bigger pots and under normal lights,so @Donaldj are you the main man when it comes to clones? Your right the first time it rotted and the 2nd time it looked dried up although it wasn’t and I really really wanna get this cloning down pat


I don’t use a dome either. I place mine in a one gal square container and place my cuttings in a rounf rubber disk ana flote them on the water with an air bubbler making oxygen.
works great



Holy auto flower Batman! @garrigan62 I stumbled across this thread as I was poking around last night. What a great idea and what an awesome journal. Thanks for sharing it. Can’t wait to see how these beauties turn out.


Hummm might need to try that @garrigan62
What type of disc do you use like the ones for hydro setups ?