Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


@garrigan62 with have so many different finish times, will you still turn the light off for 2-3 days?.. I ask because I will have the same problem and only 1 flower room.


@garrigan62 Most of your pictures look like they are at the same stage as my 2 girls. I’m hoping that this time I get more than an ounce but we will see…no rush this time…I have plenty left over from my first grow!


Looking very nice their Will, the clones look like there coming on nicely also.



Thank you ya the clone are starting to take off so i’m keeping a good eye on them
The next couple of weeks should tell us alot.




then we may just do a harvest and cure togetter…lol



Great experiment @garrigan62!



Thank you it’s a hand full that’s for sure.
I also have added a direct link to to the seed bank and nutrients.
Now people that see Roberts plants in action can go right straight to the source and buy his products.



How’s your little ak-47


You got it going good brother ! Want to see how this epic story ends up. Wait, let me guess. . . It will end up with you laying on the floor with a half pound of pre-rolled joints laying around you and a huge cloud of smoke in the room ! ! I believe that will be accurate ! ! LOL Jerry



you are most likely right Jerry lmao

and i’ll look like this


@garrigan62 …Actually I would like that to compare notes and see if I am curing properly!


Then that’s what we shall do my friend. It will be a learning experience for all to share.



Great, now I have more fun to have. Building another grow space for it. :sunglasses:




those are auto clones?


Yes they are
If you want I will add you to the list so that you’ll get updates



Get better brother


i’m trying my friend…the med’s tthey gave me make me fall asleep and i wake up not knowing what day it is or time lost thing…lol


That sucks man .my prayers are with you. Just get better brother we all miss your up dates , I know my day is not the same but just get better first.


Take care yourself brother man get a hold of me if you need anything