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Help me understand the parameters more for automatic systems. Basically, I’ve grown in soil super soil and coco most of my experience but I also hand water cuz I’m in a 2x3 space for now. I need the idiots guide to understanding reservoirs, DWC RDWC when youd wanna use these, pros n cons etc. I cant wrap my mind around recirculating systems vs drain to waste and how they work with feed schedules etc. I feel like I’m rambling so basically I need info on these and how they work.

At some point I will be doing a 3x3 grow and I wanna avoid having to water every day like I do now. I mean I enjoy taking that time with a small grow. I’m not gonna be tryna do that when theres way bigger plants ya know? So any info is helpful honestly cuz I’m lost. Like, for recirculating systems you keep your nutrient EC/TDS the same as coco or is it lower? Idk where to even start.


Growing in coco, your medium is coco. Growing in dwc and rdwc, your medium is water. Of corse I’m sure you already know that.
Dwc, air stones sit in a bucket or tote along with the water and the plants grow.

Rdwc, air stones sit in a bucket or a tote and the water is circulated through a chiller, (if you use one) and into the reservoir and back through bucket or tote. Other ways to have rdwc routed but that’s how I have mine setup.

I use to grow in coco. Now I’m doing rdwc.

rdwc Pros:
To me, grows twice as big and fast.
Super easy to take care of and maintain.
Easy to clean.
No daily mixing up nutes.
Don’t have to worry about all the stuff that you do with coco.
DIY is cheap.

I use Jacks which to me, you can’t beat the price and the simplicity of mixing.
It’s the same from seed to harvest.

The initial setup take a little bit of work. (really easy with a little plumbing knowledge.)
That’s about it.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to both. You’ll have to figure out what’s best for your situation. I started to do just a dwc but I thought about what it would take to achieve my growing method. I chose rdwc for the easy and carefree maintenance.

I bought two 20 gal. totes to grow in.
13 gal. trash can for a res.
A water chiller for summer grows.
Two 10’ pieces of 1 1/2” pvc
Four 1 1/2” elbows
1 1/2” cutoff valves
Four 1 1/2” bulkhead unions
Two 3/4” barbed bulkhead union
Garden hose and hose clamps
Four 3/4” cutoff valves
400 gal/hr water pump (2x’s one for backup and water changes.)
Few other pvc pieces/connectors.

Seems like a lot but it’s supper easy to put it together.

Questions ? Ask away. Several folks here to help you out. I’ll never go back to coco. I hope!
Good luck.


I do 5 gallon single DWC buckets ask any questions. Things I’ve noticed to be big+ lots of air pressure from a good sized that’s about a $30 ish plump. I use three 4" x 2" airstones in each bucket. Hydroguard is a must I feed GH trio going by the rdwc chart - your bucket is the resivoir I feed accordingly… Mix each bucket up and pH them between 5.8 & 6.10. I also check my pH three times a day adjusting as they eat, the pH drops. Here’s my White Widow going into week four with some LST just started days ago…


Do you use just Jack’s or additives too?

Only additive is armor si and hydroguard.


@spyonyou thank you

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Armor si is the same as fulvic acid?

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Yea I’m on my second dwc grow just five gallon buckets and I love how my first one came out I find it easier than soil cause you can really regulate your ph theirs not so many unknowns like with soil and the end product was amazing when I get a bigger space I want to go all dro rdwc still has me a little baffled I’m not great at building stuff but my bucket has certainly come through and my blueberry that’s in the bucket now is still small since I just started it but she’s popping roots through the net pot fast just remember have to feed all the way through unlike soil I’m using jacks 321 and I haven’t even had to adjust my ph it’s been staying within range with my weekly bucket changes


Copy that I just started using Jack’s in coco. Idk how I feel about this cal nitrate. Plants are pretty dark green idk if that’s normal but looks like I’m pressing up on nitrogen toxicity.

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I really appreciate this def seems harder than I’m prob making it lol. So if I understand correctly you basically run the lines through all your buckets, then have two lines in your res? One in one out with the pump connected? The videos on YouTube are not very helpful to me idk why. Prob cuz I need to physically do it ya know? Also, have you had any issues wut Jack’s cal nitrate? My girls dont seem to like it very much at all. Too much N

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Not sure on that one @Covertgrower might be able to answer that.


I experience a little of that as well. I have also noticed that slightly on other grows.

I think if it happens on this grow, I’m gonna cut back on part B to 2.0. I may have add some cal to supplement the diff.

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No not the same Si is for vigor strength

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Yeah I’m already at 2gs per gal and they still aren’t feeling it. I’m using RO idk if that makes a difference. Honestly I ran an auto at a 50% ratio and veg went decent. Now I’m in like week 3 of flower bumped up so my tds is at 1,000 rpm and she’s bulking but def dark and leaves are starting to get shiny.

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I have been growing in a DWC for 3 years in a 2.5’ x 4’ 7x closet. I have learned a TON and definitely have greatly improved the final product. I quickly learned that I could only grow one plant at a time. I tried 3 then 2 and then 1. The yield and quality I got from just growing one, was much, much better than crowding more plants. I tend to mainline my plant to maximize the size/coverage/yield. My average yield is @ 8 OZ of top-shelf - I don’t get much LARF any longer and throw that in for bubble hash. I have had as high as a LB with a Maui Wowi strain from ILTGM.

I have made modifications to the orignal set up along the way. The biggest difference-maker for me was changing lights. The pricing for lights have really gone down, you can get some serious power for your bucks.

My setup is very simple: 8-gallon HDX tote from Home Depot, cut a 3" circle for the cup. . Drilled 4 - 1/4" holes for the tubing for the air stones. I invested in a high power air pump which makes more noise than the aqua pump, but the difference in the plants is AMAZING! Rolling bubbles all day long makes the girl very happy.

I purchased a good PH/Temp Meter as I was going through them every few months. I have had this one for over a year and love it - well worth the investment.

I also significantly upgraded my water cooler. Biggest difference-maker yet. I have pulled it out of the closet which has helped stabilize my temperatures.

I was using these - I went through 3 of them.

I now use this:

Keep the water at a nice chilled 68 degrees F.

I am a big fan of Dutch Masters’s entire nutrients line. I used a bunch of others that have come and gone, these guys are steady and consistent.

I love DWC as it is set and manage. I check the PH daily but rarely have to do anything to adjust it. I have to add water and nutes on a weekly basis which is pretty dang easy.

The one downside that I see is the noise. I have a closet in a closet! I hear the air pump even though the closet has been noise reduced. It would be nice to have a silent system, but hey - you can’t have everything.


Thanks for sharing I really appreciate it. Wow an 8 gal takes up your entire space? Sheesh

@imSICKkid grows in straight coco and has been killing it with Jack’s 321 maybe he can shed some insight on this.

I thought setting up rdwc would be more difficult than it was but really all you need is a way to cut the PVC, Plumbers putty, plumber tape and some big adjustable pliers. If your going to do a 3 x 3 tent, I would have one tote inside to grow in with a 3" netpot and one tote out for the res. In rdwc, you can easily and quickly fill a 3x3 tent with one plant.

Here is how I have mine.

Coming out of my res with two 1 1/2" pvc coming out. One for each tote. I can grow one plant or I can grow two.

Going into the totes.

Coming out with 3/4" barbed fitting and some elbows, tee and garden hose. The hose snakes around under the totes cause I have them on wheels.

Snakes around behind the res into the pump which then goes through the chiller and then back into the res.

(Easy Peasy!)

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You will be surprised as to how quick they will grow. I have 42" x 60" total scrogging area I could have filled up easily with one plant. Looks like I’ll be doing that this grow.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Makes sense now. So the parts people use to go from say your outlet tote to the pump is a personal preference thing based on your room etc? Did you put cut off valves in case of emergencies?

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Wow I’m super glad I asked. Hate to be the guy going oh crap I’m outta space come stretch. This def looks doable!

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