Tea treatments? How, when, what?

Newbie here. What do people mean they use tea on plants? What does it do, how does it work?? Please explain.

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Well it isn’t the type of tea you drink it is a compost tea that most use and it needs to be brewed for it to work. I still new at the whole tea thing but it has beneficial stuff in it. @garrigan62 @Niala these guys can explain it better.


puts aways tea bags and kettle :sweat_smile:


A simple “tea” is to steep worm castings in water and use the liquid. There are growers that swear by it.


I used a soil through my entire grow that had worm castings in it. Must be why my girls grew so much bigger as compared to my first try.


So when you say soak castings… Jus literally get some castings in a bag from store make a mesh “poopoo tea” bag how and soak it?? What else do ppl put and my grow big bottle says castings what’s the relativity to the amount in say a dose of ff full strength to the DIY tea

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And can I have to much cuz castings are high in N right? Can u make to strong and burn?

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I’ve got a worm farm and watch all my plants around the house thrive on regular feedings of tea. I pour a kitchen bucket of water down the top of the farm to collect probably the best/cheapest fertiliser going.That kitchen bucket I collect will burn your plants put on straight. Especially seedlings/ cuttings. I split the bucket of CASTINGS into 4 separate kitchen buckets(10lt buckets) then fill them with water and good to go on all.

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What dirt are they in, and what do you feed the worms? Kitchen scraps like for compost?

@LittlebitofTexas @fano_man

You can find a lot of compost tea receipy on the web, here’s a good one

Compost tea is essentially organic good bacteria and nutrients made by a process called AACT, Activated Aerated Compost Tea.

Plants and soil really love this stuff, it’s a part of living soil growing technic… It with not only feed your plants but your soil too by adding beneficial bacteria that help make available nutrients in the soil and help the beneficial mychorrhizea and microflora… Essentially…

It’s imperative that you inject enough air in your compost tea to keep bad anaerobic bacteria at bay…

In hope that’s helping and enlighten you…

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Read my thread over here for easy compost tea brewer.


I have a local hydro-store that brews their own - different varieties.

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@fano_man, see @Niala’s post.

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Cool thx anyone got any regular feeding and compost tea fed plants grown side by side to see difference

Coco was what the farm was started in and now it’s just a rich mix if castings. Just enough kitchen scraps is put into the farm for the amount of worms started with. Mine seem to run on a few banana skins every few weeks pretty much. I will post some pics when I get a chance in the next couple of days.

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I’m only doing a plant or two at a time, and do not plan to spent the effort on it unless I can get a good vegetable garden going. So please don’t bother, I was just curious :slight_smile:


This book is awesome when it comes down to explaining what goes on in your soil past simple npk ratios.


Many soils have mycorrhizae added, and lots of soil treatments for that as well.