Tea to the littles... When?

Good morning everyone. I hope you have all had a great last few months. One quick question.
In your experience, when is the best time to start introducing an tea? (Molasses, bat guano, worm casting and bio-live)
Also. Would it be best if I held off on introducing the molasses tell mid July or so? Somewhat as a little booster.


I wouldn’t put a tea down for a least a few weeks esp with guanos. But I’m also curious about the medium you’re using so tell us more because teas are typically used as supplements to cultivate beneficial micros. As far as carbs, I used to run a drop of organic honey in mine asap. So two weeks in I’d do .25 grams of epsom salt to a gallon with a drop of honey. I cant say it was vital or made a world of difference but it was an early habit and helped me sleep at night. I also NEVER got dampening off or any issues with nurturing seedlings when I did that. Oddly I got slow growth etc when I stopped and some issues with i used molasses early on cuz it was pushing my pH down. @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 might additionally have some insight.

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No information on your grow particulars so have no way to suggest when or if.

What soil, what lights etc need to be listed. Age of plants, pictures would be good.