Tea mixture bubbling over

I made up a mixture of about 15 gallons of RO water, with cal mag, growers honey, with seaweed, fulvic and humid acid. I smells bad to begin with, but it suddenly bubbled all over the place! I’m using an aquarium air pump and circulation pump to keep it alive, but man what a mess! Anyone else have this happen?

15 gal… that’s a lot. I usually do 4 gal in a 5 gal bucket, but depending on saponin content it doesn’t usually bubble out. Still, I’ve had a looming frothy head before.

I typically only aerate for 18-24 hours, but sometimes when it’s cooler I need 36.

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Yea, I’m moving this to my garage, it smells like shit too

I assume you’re using all you mix in that time period?

Yes. Aacts should be used within 24 hours (ish) of reaching Maximum bacterial content. I use them right away.

If it smells really bad it’s probably gone anaerobic and should be discarded.

Lesson learned. Yea it smells really bad lol. Thanks man