Tds runoff Bruce banner autos

Hey I posted this at end of other thread but thought I’d get more responses on new topic. My autoflowers are around 6 weeks old, planted in 2/3 happy frog 1/3 ocean forest mixed throughout. I started them on 1/4 strength nutes about two weeks ago and gradually upped to 1/2 dose. Just got a tds meter and checked my nutes before feeding at around 750, then checked my runoff and it was 1800. Plants haven’t had any real problems yet, I’ve seen nute burn on tips a couple times but it always went away within a day or two. Now I’m scared to feed more till tds goes down. Should I be worried with how high it is? And how low should it be before I start giving more nutes?

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That’s actually kinda low. Soil buffers differently and I frankly wouldn’t be worried unless it’s up around 2,500 ppm. Water only then until TDS drops below about 1,800 ppm. Then resume supplements.


@Myfriendis410 thank you for the reply! I wanted to increase my pk but the higher runoff scared me too much lol I’ll give it a go next feed day!

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I monitor the runoff and when it exceeds my target value I go to water-only until it drops back down. That way you aren’t depleting soil needlessly by flushing.


That sounds like solid advice I’ll do the same from now on. Didn’t have tds meter till now so I’m still trying to learn what to do with the readings lol. Thanks again for takin time to answer!

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