TDS meter suggestions

Need recommendations for TDS meter that is accurate, affordable, and you don’t need an engineering degree to operate

Most ppm/tds meters on Amazon are good its the cheap ph meters that are junk i have a cheap vivosun tds meter and it reads almost identical to me $140 Apera meter


Apera EC20 is what I use…easy to use.



I’ll third the vote for Apera meters. I’ve run a PC60 for both pH and PPM and it works great.


bluelab truncheon

Thanks for the advice everyone I’ve decided that another 50 bucks is worth it to be sure and the Apera EC20 seems to be a good one

I already ordered the Apera ph pen

I didn’t know that they had an all in one pen :disappointed:


You’ll like the EC pen. EC is universal…no more ppm talk for you! :joy:

Comes with a nice case and calibration liquid…really nice.

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Love my PC60 also definitely worth the money I switched from the cheap ass vivosun ph meter my ph was screwed for 3 grows till I switched was 1.3 off the entire time thankfully I tried to keep my ph at more of a 5.8 to 6.0 range its definitely worth the money to have the correct and accurate tools than to start out with the cheap crap

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Can you cancel the order and just get the pc60?

Damn, I just tried and it worked

I’ll order that one

Having trouble making sure I have the right one
Can you give me a link?

What would be the best blue lab combo ?

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Thanks for the link

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Man i know its cool to have the name brand stuff but for half the price of the 0h60 u can get a ph20 and a vivosun tds meter and have 70 xtra to add to a better light atash

Go a bit cheaper on all but lights and genetics and ull rock bro

Yeah I agree I didn’t realize how much the all in one was going to cost