TDS measured soil water says x10

Super soil is living soil but you usually layer it. 1/3rd or so of super soil on the bottom of the pot then another organic soil fills up the rest of the pot.

Brewing and top dress will give the same results. Brewing just makes the nutrients immediately available where top dressing takes time to break down into usable food for the plant.

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Oh okay I got it now. When you brew tea does it only stay good for a day or can you store it week at a time?

No, just make as much as you’re going to use. The microbes will die off not that long after the aeration is removed. Even if you keep aerating the entire time, they’ll run out of food and die off.

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Okay I got it now. I tried ordering both grow and bloom teas from hlg but they were out of stock sadly so I have too wait.

? HLG is a lighting company.

Amazon doesn’t have the bloom for some reason but growershouse .com has the 3lb bags for only $11. They probably make up for it by charging a bunch for shipping.

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Nevermind lol I got it confused with a different brand. I mean Hydropro company my bad! I have seen that on Amazon shipping on it was 27$ not including price for 3lbs bag. I was going to use Amazon if I can’t find another place that sells it. I have found cheaper shipping to me about same price as Amazon there company is HTG I had emailed them about if there is any discount code I can use @Bobbydigital

Oh ok. Yeah, I got mine at a local hydro store. It’s $32 there for 3lb. I’ll pay a little extra to support a local small business.

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Oh okay. So I just seen something called roots organic terp tea but uprising bloom and uprising grow. Do you know what the difference between them is or if uprising is better than regular roots organic terp tea bloom? I am planning on buying organic ferts right now so I can use the roots organic grow or grow uprising on my Blue Gelatos and use either bloom or bloom uprising for when blue Gelatos enter flower stage.

That’s their newer line up, I believe. Kind of a 3 part system. Foundation, grow and bloom. It’s not terp tea. It is a soil amendment or top dress only nutrient line.

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So it doesn’t do the same as the 1 part bloom/grow? Is it even worth getting 3 part line up or should I just get the one part? What I don’t get is one supposed to better than the other? I’ve tried find answers to my questions online but it’s mainly vague info. If I had got the 3 part line up it would only be used for top dressing and not have same or better benefits than using terp tea?

I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. Just different ways to the same goal. The terp tea is technically 3 part as well. There’s grow, bloom and then I add the third part, the micronutrients, by adding epsom and molasses.

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Oh okay. So since my GDPs is 7 weeks 5 days flower it’s kind of late to add it to them? I am currently waiting on the terp teas but not understanding when the best time I should start giving them bloom tea or grow tea. I’ve read some people use it once a week others once a month. Also if say I did once a week will it be the same as if I was giving them it once a month or even daily? I do know with 7 gal fabric pots I do 2 tbs each 7 gallons with both. Do you think it’s also to late to give my BGs the terp tea grow since they have 3-4 weeks left til I get them to flower? I cannot wait til terp tea comes so I can see a better difference than I have been getting lately from passed grows. @Bobbydigital

@BobbyDigital With roots organic bloom if my GDPs are almost week 8 flower and I use it right now will I get any benefits from it or will it be no point cause it’s too late??? The GDPs still have white pistils but a good bit of orangish red hairs.

Maybe in tea form but a gdp at 8 weeks flower should be approaching the finish line. So top dressing dry won’t do much due to the time it takes to break that stuff down. I have other dry nutes I mix with water for early, mid and late flower. Fox farms open sesame, beastie bloom and cha-Ching. When mixed in water they are immediately available.

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Okay. Does those 3 brands you just said samething like terp tea? Cause the company I ordered from to get terp tea was out of stock alot of them are out of stock on it. Is there any other teas that are simple to use like that or even better? @BobbyDigital