TDS and organic nutes

I am using Aurora products “ Roots Organics” organic nutrients. They are part of the 5ml master pack. This plan is based on bat and seabird guano,yucca and kelp extracts as well as NPK products.
I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the TDS in verses out regulation. I’ve come to the conclusion (maybe mistakenly) that TDS doesn’t work here because these Organics simply don’t dissolve the way other nutes do. Are these products simply “suspended” in the solution, therefore don’t register on TDS Meter? A fresh mixed gallon of nutes barely hits 351ppm, about what my water is. This is after pouring about 6 tsp of various gook into the water. It makes it a muddy brown. It though it would be much higher. Therefore my question. Do I not bother with TDS in organic growing?

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TDS is typically lower in organic growing, which is why it’s harder to burn your plants using organic nutes. Mixing full strength bloom nutes from NFTG came out around 1200ppm for me. It’s still important to check your numbers, and I usually only do that if I notice any deficiencies or burning.

I agree with what MattyBear said; However, sometimes organic nutrients are merely low TDS in nature because they assume you are using organic soil based with nutrients to start with.

Do not worry about run off; Use the Nutrients as directed and only worry if you develop issues with the leaves.

In organic gardening experienced growers use a hotter soil in the start of veg in order to develop strong roots and stems to hold up large buds. Once in flower, almost all nutrition is cut and this allows the plant to know it is at the mature age and it is time to ripen and die. Sad story, but true.

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Definitely this help me , I’m new to the organic stuff (biobizz in my case).
Thanks :+1:

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