Tds and ec meters


Do you need a tds/ec meter if you use well water? Just another newbie asking a newbie question


Absolutely. My well water has an ec of .385. I ended-up buying a cheap r/o system.

Ec/TDS helps you know if you’re over/underfeeding, as well as telling you how hard your water is. Both sets of info are important when growing.


Yes you’ll definitely want to but digital ph and tds meters
Stay away frim the dual Probe soil type meters 3 in 1 style they stink and i dont care fir the liquid either it leaves to much to interpretation imo
These two tools are probably the most important in the gardeners tool box @Zepman55


Any recommendations say around 50$ is


Give me one min @Zepman55
Heres a inexpensive starter set
Youll need to get the calibration fluid as well for ph meter and recliabrate as needed

This one is popular with the other members but only does ph

Here a tds meter for you as well if separate purchases are made


10/4 Ian in your capable hand and your good graces thanks for the help


No worries @Zepman55 anytime i can assist just tag me im on and off tbe site all day long during the week :+1:


The Apera tester is $45 while the other meters you listed are around $10 each. Is the Apera much more accurate - is that why it’s favored by a lot of members? Just wondering if it’s worth the additional expense or, maybe more importantly, really necessary. Money is tight and I just don’t need to be blowing any more than necessary right now. I’ll buy the Apera tester if it’s really worth spending the extra on but I wanted to understand why its worth the extra cost…if you don’t mind explaining a little further.


Yes I believe the apera is worth the extra money
Although i dont own one i would trust the members on how well they work
the cheap ones will need to be calibrated much more often but i will post them for those on a budget
Any meter is better then none
I personally use a 600$ meter but it nit necessary to spend that kind of money either :wink: