TDM/PPM calculator??

I thought I seen someone post about said program that would calculate ppm from the different nutrient lineups. Any info to this would be greatly appreciated.

Advanced nutrients has one. Is that the nutes you’re using?

General hydroponics… seems like it was @Oldguy or someone put the link or program on here

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Sorry brother. Not me with charts. @Konflict.
I do use the GH nutes tho. :+1:

GH has a feed chart generator

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I get to the number of reservoir changes in each week and to be honest I’m at a loss…

I put ripening at week 15 and it gave me a 47 week feed chart… gonna be a long year I hope they make it…


It’s asking how many weeks you plan on each stage. 15 weeks is a long time for ripening stage, lol

It’s worded weird as f.

8 different columns for early mid late stage growth. I dunno usually as long as it takes to get where I want it. Hopefully not that many

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I guess if you used it enough it could be useful and easier to understand

I just put 2 weeks for each week except I put 1 week for transition (which would be 8 weeks of flower). I’ve never used GH so not sure how accurate their feed chart is. This is what it gave me when adding 350 for water hardness.

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See if you use it correctly it does work better :grin:

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Thanks for the help. My oldest lady is drinking heavy. Wanted to add about 1000ppm. By my calculations her ppm should be down around 400 as she has been using 300-400 ppm between feedings. I mixed 2.5ml of calman, 2.5ml micro, 10ml bloom. (100ppm from tap). She is into mid/late flower stage. Gave me a ppm of 800. Thought there might be a program that would help you make the nutrient mix to hit a set ppm.

Not sure if there’s something for that. You could experiment by adding 1ml of each of your nutrients to separate gallons of water and that’ll tell you how many ppms are in each ml of your individual bottles.

@Konflict there is I made one, what ppm would you like?



@PharmerBob. It was u, nice. 1000ppm heavier on the bloom. No grow

You can find it by adding me to the search menu @ screenname

This should give you your desired result but this is for 5 gallon amounts

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@Konflict if you download the program you can fiddle around with whichever week ratio suits your needs then, set gallons of water and switch between tsp/ml or whichever units of measurement you use

Here’s what your looking for

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