Taste or Yield, CBD or THC

These four thing will dictate what strain ,what media,or if you are going to grow organic or liquid nutrients. Lets talk about it . Soil - organic will give you the best taste ,but you will lose yield. Coco is the middle of the road media for taste and yield ,and Hydro will flat out grow monsters but the taste is lacking. And after all that how could I leave out what type of high you want ,CBD dominate or THC. I know someone is going to tell me I have it all wrong . Tell what you do to get that taste or yield that you want

Ok Ill jump, organic soil is definately going to outgrow any other method. The limitations are the amount of organic soil… say 1000 gallons? Bottomless? Cieling height… again outdoor is unlimited, length of veg time etc. You are not likely going to grow the size of plants I do in hydro. I suppose its possible? Just not practicle. If you have ever seen a hydro plant this size, I wanna see it!

Im an outdoor finisher, so Im kinda biased, I prefer soil grown in the sun and fresh air. I cant say for certain if the terps are in fact better? Thats relative to the consumers tastes, but I can say that when all the elements come together, its pretty hard to beat a well grown outdoor plant. Bigger yields, larger roots, environmental stressors, lighting rain… fresh air! Free power!
Then I look at @Hoppiefrog s snow capped buds and shake my head! Thats just insane! The trichomes are just knee deep! Well I guess it boils down to genetics too right?


I knew that was coming, outdoor is a whole nother animal . What made you go the outdoor route taste or yield .wait you already answered it I got lost in the picture

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Yes that’s how people can walk the tightrope, with other types of grows. And still get real good weed


My wife, she doesnt like the smell of dank in the house. Also, Ive always grown outdoors in the bush because it has been illegal until recently. I do veg plants indoors though, just to get them prepared for the great outdoors. As well, Im not a huge fan of small plants, never have been. In addition to that, in Canada we are legally allowed to grow 4 plants, I cheat a bit lol. However the rules never stipulated how big they can be. You see, most people here dont know how to grow trees this far North! There is a trick to it lol.


I took 17 cuts of my Afghans, I hope to get at least 10 healthy clones? This way I can mom the very best plant and gift the rest. Over winter indoors of course


How much weed do you lose from bugs ,animals ,and weather. And I’m assuming no liquid nutrients

I would like to here a counter from the DWC people

I can’t help but think anything done in nature is going to be supreme, in spite of the challenges. I was going to grow outside but we have some wildly fluctuating weather. Last September our first way too early freeze went from 72 degrees to 8 degrees overnight. It killed a few of our ‘un-killable’ trees. I opted for indoor grow for first one due to that. Thank goodness as our food garden has suffered first a plague of flea beetles, then harlequin beetles, and now some sort of sleeker ladybug tan looking beetles that is consuming my okra leaves, then a week of temps 103 and above (unusual as high plains we are in rarely gets much above 90 deg).

Here is my first grow using AutoPot and 3 gal soft pots. I had two other large Wedding Cake but they hermied after our AC went out and tent spent a week at 85 deg and up. So yeah, still have some challenges. The yellowing leaves are an issue I finally figured out. The TDS was too low and not enough nutes, at least that is what I think happened. TDS corrected last night and new reservoir so we will see. But all in all 5 plants now. There is a small hidden bagseed Grape Ape in the back, which is growing apparently like GA is supposed to grow. Note the difference in color between the Wedding Cake in the AutoPot and the three in the Soft Pots. Right now in the home stretch and praying to get them all there in good form but having a blast non the less.

Is AutoPot considered a DWC? I am still learning the terminology. Next year I think I will try Purple Haze outside. Due to the 10+10 sale I have 20 seeds so have some to spare.

Another thought is that in nature these plants are beasts. So I feel like I am trying to grow something like a redwood tree in the house. Or expecting to keep a Clydesdale colt pony sized. :rofl:


@KikiGee I want to grow outside also. But I have too much traffic around my house .Marijuana is legal where I’m at .But I know once they inter flower I would have teenagers running over each other trying to get in my yard… So I’m stuck with a inside grow .I wish I had more space.Next grow I’m going to try Coco. I here you have more control over your grow than soil,we will see.


That is a big worry with us, too. At this point the garbage truck might catch it but I doubt it. The thing is, with COVID and people working from home we are seeing more foot traffic down the alley. It is private, but all it takes is one person to see it and potentially pick the crop clean. We actually grew the food garden as a camoflouge and planted sunflowers and tall stuff to hide it but still the pros do not outweigh the cons at this point.

I used CocoLoco, vermiculite, and those clay balls for the AutoPot. Ocean from FoxFarm for the soft pots. All started in FF Happy Frog. And all started in those CowPot cow manure biodegradable pots. I use GH Flora series, CaliMagic, Liquid Kool Bloom and Simply Silica to bring pH up. Early on at times I used FF Big Bloom when none were in the AutoPots. And I use distilled water. I water the softpot ones with water from the reservoir now.

Oh, and being a brave beginner I practiced FIM, topping, supercropping (that thing where you break the inner stem) ended with LST to bring down the buds as they were growing so tall. After all that, read where Wedding Cake does not like to be manipulated so much. Live and learn. Would I lose the whole crop it would not depress me but spur me on to learn more. I think that is why I have enjoyed this so much. I had PTSD so bad last year I could not function and this has been extremely therapeutic keeping me on my toes and reading (esp here) and figuring out what to do next. You could say growing cannabis is every bit as much therapy as the endurance running and the ‘paid for’ PTDS therapy.

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BTW, l like your name on here. Cool Hand Luke was always a favorite movie of ours. Best movie lines ever: “Boss she don’t know what she is doing.” Watching the girl wash the car. Boss, “she knows exactly what she is doing.” :laughing:

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Man it looks like God took a big crap on the US in the last 6 months , this keeps my cabin fever down and stops me from noticing the madness .

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