Taste of my harvest is blahhhh

Hey guys I have a big question about taste. I’m a new grower and only on my 3 harvest. I have managed to get the nuggets, and got the smell almost solid during curing. I have been using FoxFarm soils and fertilizer. Is there a trick to get the taste of my crop to be different. Seems they all taste the same. I have stopped multiple strains in my tents and only growing one strain in each tent this time. (X4) 4X4 zeny tent and SP 4000 in one and MARSHYDRO 2000 in the other. Do you guys recommend a soil change, like strawberry fields.

Taste is often improved by proper curing. How are you drying and curing your harvest?


Yep the taste comes back IF properly dried and cured


I think I went by a method I saw somewhere about letting it dry for 7-10 days. Which is what I have been using. Then I started hearing more of waiting until the branches made a “pop” or “crack” sound. I don’t know…… I harvested some awesome Runtz, pink runtz and white runtz auto’s. They were the only thing in my tent that tasted good. Like lemonade. Respectfully. But everything else has the same taste. What am I doing wrong in my curing.

Yes; Taste rakes time.As MWG siad. I also found that when I grew beatiful cannabis, I could not taste anythiing in a joint. If I took a bud and put it into a clean pipe; I went…Oh my… I like that.

Curing is the key, If you jsut cut, then dry, then smoke. Your herb is not cured. Aside from that, perhaps you did not flush well or continued to add Nitrogen too late in flower.

You tell us. :slight_smile:


Curing means you store in mason jars ( or grove bags) at a certain rh for at least a few weeks maintaining that humidity

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Bruh, you are :skull: ON!!! I can produce some beautiful buds. Trichomes are so thick it looks like Christmas in Vancouver. Taste flat as hell. Bud sticky like glue. Then it taste like almost how cal-mag smells…

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I think the culprit is nitrogen in the flowering stage.

There is a difference in drying and curing.
How long are you curing before sampling?

Well, that means one of 2 or 3 things. Not flushed which is OK but, needs you to be patient for 3-4 weeks longer. Agian; Too much N at end of flower, which = the same thing. Must cure for 6-8 weeks minimum.

or; It just sucks,LOL…Just kidding. It might suck but, how would I know.

Keeping it real.


Or it just sucks …classic lol


I have mason jars with hydrometer in them. Temp range 69-74🌡 and around 45-55% humidity. Placed in a dark shelf

:joy: good one. I need to be patient then. I didn’t think curing would be that long. But I guess it depends on several other factors. Size of bud, rh etc


When you cut, it takes a week or so to dry,. You can smoke it at this time but, quality is in the curing. Just like a good cigar, if you rush it…

Chlotophyll takes a couple months to totally convert.

There are a 1000 or so articles, posts arguments, etc… read up! Good luck on your harvest. :slight_smile:


Brown paper bags for like 2-3 days and then into glass jars gives me the taste and smell :nose: im looking for. I use fox farms also. About 6 weeks in the jar minimum especially if other people is going to smoke it


I used to hand’em, with an indirect fan providing air movement, then bag them intil they snapped like twigs, then I placed in glass jars and burp them every day or 2.

Humidity hsould be around 55% fir curing and drying.


I was thinking you were supposed to aim for 60 to 65% in jars?

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It is a learning process. If you are in a high hunidity area, then you may aim low. If you have total control. then, 58-62% would be in the sweet spot. Super dry climate, aim for 65% or so.

All this is subjective. How it is all handled, environment, etc.


Too dry, you’re letting too much of the terpens evaporate off, 58-62 RH is what you want for good curing and best taste.


Slow dry and long cure. You’ll get a thousand different answers but that’s what is needed. If you are happy with the burn, try lowering the temperature while drying.

Here’s my go to guy on indoor growing and overall processing.