Taproot question

First attempt at everything here.
Indoor with tent and light.
Temp 72 and RH 40 - 42%
Full spectrum light on 18 off 6.
Water using misting bottle (distilled water)

I soaked 3 seeds in distilled water.

I had a taproot that was straight out, planted it and it just passed the helmet head stage (I believe the correct term).

2 seeds the taproot was curled against the hull, planted one and it’s not though the soil yet, about to give up.

The third seed I thought I would soak longer to see if the tap root would straighten out and it didn’t. I planted anyway, needless to say it’s doing nothing….

Thank you for any help

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Starting seeds can be tricky for a new grower.

What medium are you planting them in? Soil? Coco? Do you have a dome to put over them? How about a heat mat? Set lights to 24/0 until seedlings are established.

Here’s my method:

Soak in distilled water with 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide, refresh peroxide daily.
Once the seed has cracked and can see the beginnings of a root, plant 1/2" deep in either straight coco or a rockwool cube. Medium should only be slightly damp. I use Solo cups with a gazillion holes melted in them with a clear Solo cup as a dome. My sprouts go on a heating mat with lights on 24 hours. Mist inside of dome with distilled water twice a day.

You are better off going into a nutrient free medium until transplant as seedling has everything onboard it needs. The moisture it requires is pulled from the air through leaves until a taproot is established.


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to have heard about your troubles thus far. Do not become discouraged you came to the right place with the right people. This forum will get you on the correct path. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


If the tap root is curled around, it will probably just take a little longer to reorient itself and find it’s way to the top. give it a little time. If you don’t see anything, you could gently dig away at the soil to see if you can find it.


These soaked in water with peroxide for a day.
This photo is of them in a damp paper towel. After they soak I put them in paper towel to sprout and grow tails.
I’m wanting to show that some are curled up and some straighter. In any case they went into coco.
All four eventually popped their heads above the coco the following day.

Sometime they are stubborn or even get confused and try to grow upside down. Give them some time and hopefully they will get squared away. Good luck


You can try this, it works amazingly well. Dont try to germinate the seeds then plant them.

  1. Get some small rockwool cubes.
  2. Mix a light food mix, or use premade food for clones.
  3. Drop rockwool blocks into mixed solution, let them sink.
    Then remove them.
  4. Plant seed into supplied hole pointy end down.
  5. Gently use small tool push seed to bottom.
  6. Pinch hole shut.
  7. Place in humidy dome under light @ 500 PAR
  8. In 3 days you should have sprouts.
  9. After big enough plant the block into whatever.

Thank you for all the reply’s!

I just used happy frog potting soil and no peroxide in the water to soak the seeds.

I’m going to check and see if the 2 sprouts didn’t make it, and start over with the 2 if needed, then adjust the lights

Also my taproots were nothing like the picture. They stayed curled against the shell.

Curled tap root is fine. It’s going to curl more as it grows. Some seeds do take forever. I germinated two from the same batch earlier this year and one popped immediately, the other took a few days then a few more once planted. 10 days from paper towel to seedling.

I found one growing sideways and one still curled up. Thanks again