Tap Water vs Distilled

You definitely have something going on. You have brown spots on the left plant. They shouldn’t be there and that’s not from “over watering.”

Which one is which

@Dro3420 The left is tap water and the right is the distilled water.

Sorry. That would’ve been helpful. @MrPeat is right though. Tap on the left and distilled on the right.

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Nice pots. ProCal?

Yes The left one has brown spots (my cannabis growing arch enemy). Leaves have stunted growth, lighter color, brown spots. Intervienal areas are protruding in comparison to the one on the right.

@KeystoneCops thanks. Pots are Lowe’s special. 3gal. Was thinking about trying some of those smart pots.

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I dont know where you live but larger municipalities often use chloramine instead of or in addition to chlorine. Chloramine does not off gas like chlorine, try to get a water report from the purveyor, its law they must provide it upon request. Disregard what I just said if you are drawing from a well, but get a sample kit, follow the instructions and send the samples in for testi ng. You should do this for your own health as well. This was not solely for you, it is intended for anyone reading this.

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You might be able to avoid the whole issue by getting a RO system like this one:

Way cheaper than distilled and easy to install / use. I added a shut off valve and a float valve in my reservoir.

I was able to get a report on my towns water division website. Chlorine is used to treat the water but chloramine is not. I’ve been allowing the tap water to sit out for a few days, so we’ll see if anything changes.