Tap roots being burned maybe


This is the second time this has happened to me in the past month…soaked seeds for 16 hours or so then paper towel until I had good tap roots, moved into happy frog soil and waited 7 days and said that’s long enough…dug them out and sure enough the tap roots appear to be burned…same thing with my Bruce banner seeds I started last month…what is going on? Last time someone suggest it was too much water…not the case…any ideas people…


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I think the problem is the Happy Frog which does have nutes in it. I always go from 24 hour soak in water, to a rapid rooter (no paper towel), then into FFOF soil. That week of absolutely no nutes seems to work better for tiny seedlings. I have had 100% germination and survival to veg.


I’m just soaking my seeds 24-48 hours in distilled water then straight to soil in small pots. I water the pots day ahead, pop in the seeds, cover with a plastic cup also spritzed, set on heat mat under lights. To date I have 100% germination rate. The one time I tried paper towel was a disaster for me. I’m fairly new at this so take my advice with a grain of salt :slightly_smiling_face:


I would agree with that if I hadn’t just done 20 the same way…with no problems…only difference is a different bag of hf… heck I have used the ffof before with no issues


Maybe got a hold of a bad bag of hf maybe @raustin? It make’s no sense because like I said all my other ones done fine…


Hmm…if it’s not from over watering, did you over compensate and under water? I know you’ve been growing awhile, so you would know if that is the issue or not.

Ocean Forest is hotter than Happy Frog. I usually mix them together with extra perlite and don’t have those issues. My Bruce Banner just went into straight HF yesterday.

pH is good?


Bad bag could be possible. My Happy Frog had a damned fungus gnat fly out when I opened the bag!

Stupid bugs…


Yes @FloridaSon…pH is @ 6.5 and no I mist the top of soil just enough to keep them moist not wet and this is crazy…I use ffof also and the reason I’m using hf is I’m out of ffof at the moment…it’s as though I got a bad bag…my Bruce banner done same thing with same bag


Yeah I see those gnats also but it’s a weed and they are bugs…guess I need to do a slurry test on that hf and see what I get…didn’t think of that…@floridason…just though maybe someone had ran in to this before…man if I had a dollar for every plant I have germinated and grew I would retire lol


I wonder if the FoxFarms guarantee would cover the seed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You could be right, could be a bad bag of HF. Maybe it’s a little hotter than it should be, that would certainly fry a small seedling. I would let them know that they killed your very expensive seeds.


Not sure about that @floridason but bad part is they weren’t my seeds…I was starting some for a friend. He bought some wedding cake from you know who but oh well…shit happens…glad he got 10! I’m gonna change bags and give it another go I guess…


I’m gonna give it a try…gonna do a sample and let you all know the results.


Not your seeds, that sucks!

I hate when someone wants me to start for them. I’m not a wizard and some die, but I always feel worse about it when it is someone else counting on my success.


Yes I feel bad but I will make it up to them…


that suxs @Sittingbull64 i’m on the rapid rooter boat…
good for seeds or clones…sorry for your loss.


Thanks @BIGE…yeah it sucks…I been doing this same method for years so idk…but I been looking at the rapid rooter so I believe I’ll order some right now


may have been just a hot bag of happy frog,or it was not mixed well…


Bum deal for sure. Hmm tough one. It does kind of sound like the HF is hot but FFOF is hotter and I have started in seeds in both with success. I don’t soak my seeds I go start to paper towel. I still a novice but could it be just bad seeds?