Tap root dried out

Hello, planted two seeds with healthy tap roots on Friday… and today they’re dried out and dead. Are my lights to close? I’m using a spray bottle to make the top of the soil, the entire surface area, damp. I don’t think I under watered because the pots still feel relatively heavy and they feel a lot light when they dry out. Thanks

That light looks awful close and will dry out your soil very quickly.

Seedlings don’t need much light. The light should be at least 24 to 30 inches away.


I second that , you cooked them!


Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to follow Bergmans guide as best I can and it says have the lights roughly that’s close but with a lower wattage light. So being an idiot I just put it that’s close. Thanks again. I just dropped two more seeds in water so let’s try this again.

Speaking of drying out, it’s winter in my neck of the woods, so the humidity is only around 20% in my tent. I heard about cutting plastic bottles in half and placing over the seeding, but do you have any suggestions on raising the overall humidity in the tent. I don’t suppose I can just put a bowl of water in there haha

When you see references to lights that close to a plant they are usually taking about a single, low wattage CFL bulb.

Your humidity will cause the soil to dry out rapidly too. Humidity for a seedling should be 50 to 60%. Many (including myself) use small console humidifiers that you can get for $30. People often use a cut plastic bottle as a dome like you’ve said.

May as well invest in a small humidifier (it’s going to depend on the size of your tent) now. During veg you are going to need to maintain 40 - 55% humidity.

I have a 5x5x7 tent and I use a Honeywell HCM-6009 humidifier (left in the photo.) You can get them on Amazon for $80. I have it on a medium setting, refill it once per day, and it keeps my tent at ~55% humidity.

Thoughts on this?


I think you can do better for the price. I can’t imagine what is in the link will put out much moisture.

Your tent is smaller. I would personally suggest a Honeywell HEV320B ($35.) The HCM-6009 is going to be too big for your application.

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One of those cool mist (ultrasonic) humidifiers may help too, but be aware that they also aerosolize the minerals in the water you put in it, resulting in a white dust in your tent. Not the best solution.

Which light do you have there?

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Could be that his soil is too hot,

Moved the light about two feet away and the same shit happened. I’m getting so frustrated I want to scream. I’m using FFOF and this is my set up.

Any thoughts on this humidifier? Would like some opinions before ordering

@TripleB……… I have the very same humidifier that you show there. Works very well for my 4x4x6 tent. Just make sure that you use RO or Distilled water and not tap water.
I bought mine at the local Walmart.

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Thanks, I went ahead and ordered it. Do you have your fan running during the seeding stage? I figure it’s sucking all the moisture out of the tent so I was thinking of unplugging it until the plant gets established.

I just put up a veg tent. It has seedlings in it for now. I put a humidifier in it yesterday and the humidity was running at ~85%. I put a fan in one of the tent ports this morning to blow in fresh air and to bring the humidity back down a bit. It’s not the same humidifier, but it is a smaller one. The tent is a 4x4.