Tangie Pebbles winter indoors grow

Here goes my second grow. 1 plant in 5gal fabric bag, CoM Stonington blend, ph’d water. She’s a very broad leaf young lady. I’ve been forewarned that she will be a beast


Any plant can be a beast if you let it veg long enough. With that said, how tall can she get to?

My GSC Beast as I call her reached well over 60”. She wasn’t far from the top of my 4x4x80” tent. She was so tall that I had to bend her literally over.

I don’t know how high, but I think my 72" ceiling will be challenged

You should be fine with a 6’ ceiling. Since you already topped. Just train in so it vfc resembles a candelabra so you keep the plant short and wide with even canopy

Thanks. I should have researched the strain, but didn’t want to miss the buy. I’ve read about Tangie and Pebbles separately, but no input on the hybrid Tangie Pebbles.