Tangerine Dream Plant Issue #2

Ok, newbie back with another question. Day before yesterday some leaves on my colas started turning purple. I looked at pictures of Tangerine Dream and none have any purple leaves. Any ideas on what to do. I feel like it has slowed down. All purple is on the top of the plant.

FYI, about 20 days ago I made a post and was told I had a calcium deficiency. I started using Cal-mag 2 days after that… im using it every other watering as of now.

Tangerine Dream Autoflower from ILGW
Day 76 from germination
27"x27"x62" Tent
Sf-1000 led light with a 18/6 schedule
4 inch exhaust inline fan with carbon filter
4 inch intake fan
6 inch clip fan
Fabric pot and growing medium is from apotforpot.
3.5ml of Cal-mag every other watering
Average temp range 77.5. Range 72-81
Average RH 58.2. Range 47-60
1.5-2.0 gallon distilled water every 3-4 days
6.1-6.5 PH
Light defoliation twice. 2 weeks apart.
Used some LST. However being the first time it wasn’t great.

Pics are from 3 different colas

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pH could be a little higher, but it won’t cause coloration problems.

Would be nice to know your runoff PPM (TDS.)

Low temps can cause coloration. I don’t know that I would worry about the color.

The yellowing might be a problem (nitrogen deficiency,) but without runoff PPM numbers it’s hard to tell for sure.


Kinda looks to me like you’re not feeding them enough. Maybe check to see if your PH meter is calibrated. (??) :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Thank you both very much.
I have a PPM/TDS tester on the way. I’ll have the answer on Wednesday.

PH tester was new and properly calibrated.

What should my PH be? I was under the impression that was in a good range.

I have a wifi temp/Hydrometer in the tent. All my temps have been mid to upper 70’s. So I don’t think temps are the cause of the purpling.

If you are growing in soil your ph should be between 6.3 and 6.8. You want the run off water to fall in that range as well