Tangerine Dream Auto Flower Took Over My Tent

I have a 48x48x80 tent that I have been growing some autoflowers for close to a year now. I use LST as early as possible and have had good results. However unable to clone autos each plant is different and I have been learning along the way certain things to look for or things as simple as rotating the pots every day.

Most plants end up growing about two feet in a bush with 5 or 6 main colas. This plant messed up my plant rotation by growing way too big. I honestly do not remember when I planted this bean but it has been at least 12 weeks. It did autoflower and started to show pistils early and early bud development but it just kept growing and bud development seemed to slow . It seems like it wants to act like an auto and a photo at the same time. I switched my lights to 12/12 hoping it would stop any more vertical growth. I can not move my lights higher.

Buds are taking off now but this plant is way behind schedule compared to any other auto i have grown as far as bud development. I am not complaining, this plant is huge for an auto and It is full of flowers so it is not a bad problem to have right now.


@Stowndawg That is some sweet looking plants. I had the same problem with my Fem GSC. She won’t stop growing taller. She is 60” tall. Luckily I switched to QB’ which is at the top of my 4x4x80”.

I have had to bend her over so the top cola isn’t near the lights. I know it’s a piss poor super cropping so it’s going to be entertaining. I definitely need her to adjust to the super cropping.

Indeed. Some autos just dont wanna stay autos. Happens… genetics are wonky that way.

Look into supercropping to save some space up top. And if she’s acting this crazy, u could possibly clone her. :man_shrugging:t5: Nothing to loose. Take a couple clippings. Dip em in water or root hormones. Drop em in dirt. And kick em outside

Auto’s have come a very long way since the 1990’s.
However, some strains are still not predictably stable and will show taller parentage.
I prefer photo’s as the parentage and stable results are much more consistent.
Also, with just a few more weeks…the harvest is considerably more.
Yours is about 1/3 through the flowering phase…let it go. BUT…might do some LST slowly.

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@Stowndawg My GSC is going through being bent over due to her being so massive. Fano is the one that said to do that and I can see how it will be helpful. To bad it’s info I could have used earlier this year but that’s all on me because I didn’t join a forum long before this.

blue ruler is 13 inches total, shiny thing on top of it is a leaf at just the right angle to be annoying in a photo. sorry for all the light, took it through a led sunglasses lens.

Update on this plant. still too big for my tent. I can not get my lights high enough, rotating at least every day helps plus some lst to pull everything open and lower a bit better. With LEDs a few inches can be a big difference. from soil to tips is min 4 foot.

Thanks for all the input, I am new to growing, only have been doing it about 1 year and only have about 8 plants I have grown. @tanlover442 I am only familiar using lst very early as I usually grow autos, while this is an auto it is behaving much differently than a normal auto and LST this late I am not sure what I could do other than try and get all the stalks spread out to get even light…That being said I do not have the room to do that anyways. I have two other plants that i started before this thing blew up that I am trying to give enough light to.

I started this critical purple auto probably 4 weeks after I started the big plant, but is much further along (and much smaller, plant will give 6 oz max).

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