Tangerine Dream - Any Clues

Greetings; I remember in my younger days a strain called “Tangerine Dream”, which I enjoyed very much. It took first place at the Cannabis Cup of 2010. I have been searching for a seed source of this strain. I did find ‘one’ overseas company (B***** F****), but I was not comfortable with the reviews from customers on various Cannabis websites in concern to the company and it’s customer service. Can anyone make a recommendation as to where I can locate this strain? Thank you.

Oregon seed company has some with great reviews…at least I think that’s where I seen them

Niagara seed bank in Canada has them 70 dollars pack of 5

Wow that’s expensive! @joshawa
I use a site where I can buy 14 seeds, get 6 more for free, and only pay $100 for everything including shipping. And shipping gives you a tracking number. I don’t know why people pay so much for seeds!

All I can say buddy is you get what you pay for so some of us don’t expect free stuff we just want to get what we are after what do you say @Majiktoker

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Lol I don’t expect free seeds, but when they’re given I’ll always accept them
Who wouldn’t want free seeds? Because I’m pretty sure every single person does…

What sit do you use buddy

I agree all I was saying is it spooks most of us if they have to offer free seeds do you actually get what you are after and will they germinate

I’ll PM you it if you’d like, but I’ve used them for 2 orders and have received every seed within 2 weeks. Every seed has germinated too. Any problems were from me, which is almost always the case with any grow anyway. People try to blame seeds, but it’s usually human error.


Why would it spook you though? I don’t understand?
It’s an incentive to buy seeds. Spend $10, you’ll get one free seed. Spend $20 you’ll get two. They’re always doing different promotions. And most other seed sites so this as well. Right now is 25% off all Auto flower strains.
If you’re already going to spend $60 on seeds, why not get 6 seeds for free? And then I look at buying 5 seeds of the same exact strain for $70 plus shipping…that’s crazy to me. But to each his own!

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OK pm me I’m always up for new stuff

Didn’t Know Budda said that

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In my opinion it honestly depends, why people pay more for some strains, well to answer that with all do respect @ktreez420 probably where we are the law spent approve so where it’s still illegal people can make more on them if they invest right, and i agree with @Hammer, if a seed breeder wanted to get a new product in the line they can hand then out free than sell them and in terms make 3x the money…

Or another option of you really want something you can’t get you’ll pay for what you know is right, for instance rare strains that are hard to get ahold of for people, the price is worth it, when I’m terms as well 5 plants $80 well no biggie sell an oz and make up what you spent, than any thing over $80 would be an investment for new lights, fans, reservoirs, etc the list goes on lol, or maybe youd use them to your breeding advantages and get the genetics that are hard to come by


heres a thought if your a breeder how do you get your strain on to be known when its very new ??? you give some away so as to earn a rep with them and this lets you know …BY feed back how well your strain preforms in the field … most times REPUTABLE COMPANYS will only give good quality away … but later will begin to charge a lot for the once free seeds Hammer


Back on topic (please) of locating seed for Tangerine Dream. Niagara and Oregon seed companies as suggested are nix for Tangerine Dream. Any other suggestions other than B**s Fs? Thank you.

No help on the Dream …But if you don’t mind me asking ,why the dream and nothing else ??? their mite be some with similar Qualities… And i don’t KNow Who B s and fs is ???but i can tell you that so far the ones i bought from AMS and ILGM that ive been growing are living up to my expectations .and is going beyond size … REPLY to this post and ill help if its possible …Hammer

Thank you for your suggestion - I do not feel comfortable dealing with Barneys Farms due to customer reviews I have read.

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Hey man, hope you got your seeds. Mike

Well if they were Ordered From the ILGM banks you can rest assured they arrived . and are some of the best genetics found . (solid Dutch treats).
Hammer .

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Hey@johncoffee, was wondering if you found your tangerine dream? I hope I don’t get in the dog house for saying this, but the Attitude seed co. In England carries BF’s tangerine dream. Hope this helps. Later, Mike