Tall tales: Do you have one?

A lightning bolt just struck my pile of soon to be recycled Beer cans…Damn…Now there are beer cans strewn for a 1/4 mile in every direction :astonished:


i was working on a job in pleasant plains one day and a storm blew up… my hair stood on end and before i could get my crane mast down lightning struck a tree about 50yards away.
i was knocked off my controls with a pretty good jolt of electricity…the moral to this story is when your hair stands on end,you had best be finding cover because lightning is close!


MOst people do not know that it generates in the ground and goes up :astonished:


I’ve been touched by lightning myself. Went to the lake to visit some friends and a storm blew in. My buddy was in the process of putting out his awning but couldn’t get one of the ground anchors in due to rocks/gravel so he asked me and another guy to help him hold it. I was at one end of the awning holding the drum, my buddy in the middle holding the strap that retracts the awning and the other guy on the other end. All I remember is hearing the pop and getting blown back into the camper. The other guy got knocked down as well and my buddy whose camper it was didn’t get anything. And so now I suffer from astraphobia. I am not outside the same time bad weather is!

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