Tall stems whats safe

how tall is safe for a stem to grow before its not safe anymore ?

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For a seedling you mean?

Have you a photo?

If it can’t support itself then that’s not good and you need to take action to prop it up and support it.

Also lighting that is heavier on a blue spectrum can potentially help keep the plant from “stretching”



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Your experiencing “stretching”

Check out the articles I posted above

im in the process of doing that getting a bigger pot i just needed my friend to see this cause he feels eveything will be alright i knew it needed a different potting but thanks

Yeh bigger pots and plant them covering some of the stem with your medium, you can use some kind of support to keep them upright (pipe cleaners etc) move your light closer to the tops of the plants a bit at a time until the stretch slows. By the way what light are you using?
They can easily be saved no problem.


Are they indoor or outdoor ?
If they are indoor i think u could potentially have a lighting issue. Had a similar problem myself on a indoor grow when using older used HPS globes.
Or your lights could be too far away as @Hungrybud mentioned.

my lights were to far above the plants and they were reaching i had to replant and relocate so the lighting would be better. thanks for your help as well as @Hungrybud and @TDubWilly for fast responses.

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this is more recent tooken today 4/18/19

taken today 4/20

4/28 taken today [IMG_4765|375x500](upload://cc


Anything wrong in this picture ?