Tall little girl, she gonna be a tall lady?

This is just 6 days old. 4 of them are tall like this. Have only grown a handful of others. Never seen anything this tall before with little leaves at the top. Have you? Its a CBD Lemon Aid fem

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It’s stretching - gasping for light. Lower your light before it grows too tall and falls over. You can also make a little pile of dirt around the stem to help hold it up.


Duh, Thanks Tommy

That stretch is not ideal, the little plant will likely fall over. You can also shape a chunk of insuled wire and stab it in the soil, make a C in one end to hold it up. When you transplant bury half the stem height. It will be fine, but yeah, needs more power in the light department.

Darn it. I have a bunch of them like that. I put more dirt around them and lowered the lights. Rookie mistake!

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