Tall fabric Pot vs Short fabric pots/ FF HF FFOF

What’s up guys, currently finishing up these two auto widows in small pots, and no extra perlite. Surprisingly the plant is bigger then I expected with no added perlite, no root problems so far that I was able to tell either. These plants have tended to be short in these pots, the new pots are 11 1/2” wide x 19” tall. I’m hoping for a much taller plant, and still get the same bushy plant. Anyone try these? @nicky I know in one of the pictures you used taller pots. I know watering it seemed like forever to get runoff. I added close to 40% perlite to this mix. The big pots are 10 gallon pots, the small pots are 7 gallon pots. I have a San Francisco Kush that will be going into the 10 gal, and a white widow LSD. Also have gorilla glue, and grand daddy purp going into some 10 gallon ones next week! Follow along! And anyone who has used taller pots let me see some pictures of the plants!


I actually haven’t used tall pots, I have seen hose ones with green handles that are taller but never used them let alone tested them.
How does that 11 1/2" width compare “” with stands fabric pots? I haven’t measured any of my pots.

It’s only an inch In diameter smaller. Regular vivosun 7 gallon pots are 12 1/2 wide

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