Tall and dying seedlings

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hi, my seedlings are growing very tall, then have leaves then fall over and die. What can I do please.

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It sounds like a typical not enough light situation. Go find the Grow Bible on this site and read through it.

Or, of you tell us about your light setup, someone can guide you.


Im with @PhantomFarmer
Sounds like They are streaching and falling over try supporting them and get lights closer
What type of lights ate you using ?
I would also recommend you join the forum so we can help guide you through you grow


Not enough light. The plants are stretching trying to get more light. Probably not actually dying. They need support when the stems get long. Get more light asap.


DSCF0450 This is my light setup for 2 plants. 5 lights at 15 watts each for a total of 75 watts. I should add one more if I want to grow 2 plants again but this will be good for one plant.

I think the power of 75W is too low, as well as the PPDF,
adding a hps/mh is a good idea.

You need at least 35-50 true watts per square foot, this means that you need at least 150-200w for that space! (Viparspectra 450w, meizhi 450w, 2x 300w led panels)
Them are so tall because are stretching for light!