Talking about "I Love Marijuana" site

Since I joined the site - I can’t believe the # of products that the site carries all are top notch from seeds to nutrients, to equipment to grow guides - many improvements has happened in a very short time. And no other seed bank that I know of that has “free” shipping to U.S.A… Glad I’m a member and talking about the “members” of the site all are friendly and really want to help any member. This site is listed/rated at “Best Seed Bank” as a very good informative friendly site the only other site that is like this site is “” Keep up the good work ILGM !!! really enjoy your Bergman’s Lab e-mail’s


I think this is the best online community specifically for cannabis that I’ve ever seen. I personally looked at all of the forums, and to me this was the best. It’s a group of people who care enough to check their posts almost daily. Everyone is respectful and considerate as well. I love the ILGM forum.


Where did you get this info?

I have been at so many sites, and I worked on 15-20 doing research for ILGM. Most sites have great grow support, or a great social feel. I am glad we have been able to build both here.

lw :slight_smile:

p.s. Get your ILGM seed produced plant pictures ready. We are going to add a “Bud of the Month” contest


You should do for bag seed as well. Lots of people here try bag seed to get feet wet before spending on beans.


agree ! bag seeds -a cheap way to learn before investing any “big” money for seeds

Yes all sites (grow )are good just that some are better than others- Glad there many to choose from and then one can find one that they like the best

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Not really any topic but I have a small grow in a bedroom that has clothes in it and it’s getting very smelly I was wondering after the harvest will the stuff wash out of the clothes the smell and if there’s anything I can do I know you’re supposed to use carbon filters but I would have to put it underneath the door any ideas would be greatly appreciated if it’s pushing my wife out of the house

I would still suggest a carbon filter and I also use a product off of Amazon called ona-pro works well