Talk To Me Like I'm Stupid

Hello All!

I am planning my first ever outdoor grow in the spring and I’m still really confused as to how to pick where I grow. I mean, I know the obvious stuff like not getting caught etc, but I am still confused as to soil, moisture, sun etc…so much to know. I am getting some clones and am getting a little more acquainted with that but I’m still a little scared of the seeds. I guess it’s like I told my algebra professor…you have to talk to me like I’m stupid and I might just get it :blush: @FyshhTrap I know that you are really familiar with the area where I live. I am not, of course, looking for you to tell me an exact spot, but maybe shed a little light on our climate and seasons and stuff like that so I can make a smart choice. Thanks for your help…I really want to get this right.


Hi there😊.
I’m no expert but my experience with outdoor growing is pretty straight forward. I planted last sommer 10 seed in a flower pot 20 x 50cm. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I basically just let the ganja do what ganja does. Watered them every 3 days if I’d hadn’t rained. 3 seeds didn’t brake the soil, 4 of the 7 remaining plants were males so I ended up with 3 ladies. From here on in I did nothing but making sure they had moisture in the soil and moved them around in the pot so they got as many hours in the sun as possible. After 3 month or so I harvested and one month later I got high​:blush: very very high​:metal::slight_smile:


@BloodRoot, I believe they need anywhere from 5 to 7hours of direct sunlight a day, then it’s just the nutrients you prefere to the preference as you decide, then trainin techniques, that sort of thing. If that helps, please correct me if I’m wrong anywhere. Maybe they could she’d more light on it.
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So you used pots the whole time?

@Hawkeye_diesel EVERYTHING at this point helps me! Thank you! :ok_hand:

Cool, just didn’t want it to I was talking down to you or anything like that. I’m just really stoned right now lmao @BloodRoot

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You didn’t come across that way at all!!! And being stoned sounds great to me! :v: @Hawkeye_diesel

@Hawkeye_diesel, @BloodRoot, they need Atleast a minimal of 14 hours light indoor or outdoor to have a good healthy vegitatve cycle, and 12/12 at most in flower 10 hours if light at the least for great flower production. A plants sleep and day cycle is very similar to ours they need rest to grow but also need efficient light to grow


I meant "direct sunlight " I should of specified. At 14 hours at least, but 7 of those should be in direct light from the sun, if that made it any clearer. I meant as in something can be outside, not necessarily in the shade, but also not in direct sunlight.

Personally direct sunlight is better it gives them more energy to use over night towards growth but I think 8 hours Atleast of direct sunlight is more reasonable however shade is a higher spectrum and the suns rays are stronger through clouds, there fore either way its not bad


@Majiktoker someone said to me to water them every 3 days??? it just didn’t sound right to me. Like I said, talk to me like I’m stupid…I could be wrong.

Oh ok, I was wanting to know either way, because I plan to do a couple of small autos outside this year, maybe more next time if it goes well.

Yes. It was a pretty big pot. And it was the same soil from seed to harvest. I know that in the eyes of the pro it’s probably to basic but it works though :slight_smile:. I pretty sure that I could have expected a bigger yield if I had done things a little more pro but I’m just doing it for fun and a buss every now and then so it’s alright for me​:blush:. However due to neighbors and such I’ve started to grow indoor which is my first time​:slight_smile:

Depends on how hot it is because that then gets into evaporation pressure

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It should autos are really simple, and easy to grow

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Yeah that’s what I’ve heard, I’m not in a legal state so discretion is a must when outside, but my neighbors are all in their 40’s and up and they all love me. I think I’ll be in the clear. I’m looking for strains that are short or can be compacted and that give off other aromas as well as to the usual skunkish flowering smell they tend to have. To help it blend in better, It helps I have fruit trees in my back yard and very good direct sunlight from about 10 or so in the mornin till it sets in the evenin


Growing outside is all well and fine. But there is more to it than sun light and finding the right spot.
You also have to think that hay i’em out side now you’ll have to deal with watering, bugs and fungus and other wild animals like deer, rabbits and others then the smell durning flower so think
I had to lug 5 gal buckets of water every day to my grow site and water my girls early so that the sun didn’t evaporate it.

just for thought



@garrigan62 said it best Bloodroot. Outside you do have to worry about pest more other varibles. I was planning to do in my back yard so I didn’t have to lug water around. I have a fenced in back yard in a small town, so I don’t have to worry about deer, rabbits, or other wildlife.


And This is why I am here. :slight_smile: Thanks for tagging people @FyshhTrap I appreciate it…and I hope to share my grow with you as I go along. I know that you grow outside as well so it would be great to have all of your insight being from the same part of the country as I am.

So @BloodRoot,the First thing I"d like to talk about is tagging Only me, I am just a Newbie with One grow under my belt, there are Many Great growers here with Much more experience than I have , and are willing to help you in Any way they can, so if I may tag a few @Paranorman, @garrigan62, @Majiktoker, @Soilgrowth, @Givemefire, @latewood, @Usmcjojo, @Oldstoner, @Aquaponic_Dumme, and there are soo many more that have helped me, Every one of these growers have had Something to contribute to my first grow and up coming second grow , so please feel free to reach out to Everyone here and give them some respect, they are here to help and Will help you with Any questions you may have.
I have to assume that you are Not growing indoors,or on your property. And that you are considering an outdoor Guerilla grow? well if you are, lets take into some consideration just what that is.
A guerilla grow is a Self contained Mobile Stealth operation, usually taking place on public and or private property(State owned) and in most cases Highly illegal. Now None of that pertains to me because I don’t do Anything illegally, but I’m just saying to take That into consideration.
Second, NYS, Isnt a legal state , so anything over 32 grams is some type of chargeable offense. I had 4 times that with just One plant But That’s because they charge you with the Whole plant not just the smokeable portions, (scared yet?) I had Six plants so yeah, Nothing scares me, It takes A lot of nerve to do what I do, focus and PRE PLANNING. Tons of it.
Because of what I do , which is A lot of fishing and Mtn. Bike riding, I see areas that appeal to me, and This IS the most important part of a Guerilla grow , Location, there that’s it. HOW am I going to get All my necessary equipt. to an area Without being seen? well that’s the easy part, and that is by Being seen, so your like What?
People are in acceptance of what they see as is Normal, the more people see me , the more they get used to me in that area, they see a guy riding a Mtn. Bike with a fishing pole and a back pack and don’t even look twice, so Now, I start bringing my equipt. to the site Area, Not exactly THE site but in the area.
So now you guys are saying, just how does he get an Iron rake and a shovel to an area any where from 2-6 mi. away from his house on a Mtn. Bike Without anyone noticing? (and I’m smiling now) well ,right on past them. I"ve ridden past police with equipt.and they never looked twice.
Basically, I could and probably should write an article on how I do this just so growers can fully appreciate the work involved in an outdoor guerilla grow, I plan on growing some Monsters this year just outside of city limits, six plants and also three small Autos (or as big as I can get them)! so yeah Nine plants!
Anyway , location is key, then direct sunlight amt. per day( along with ambient), Then when you decide on an area,the Whole stealth part of the operation Must be Thee number one consideration, getting to and from your area without being seen, oh yeah, and by being seen, WTF?
Its A lot of work, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way for now. Peace and good luck. <*)))><{