Talk to me about pots

So, I’m reading and absorbing, and there’s a lot of conflicting advice about pots.

Hard pots, soft pots, the size of the pots.

Larger pots:

  • Water less frequently


  • Uses more nutrients
  • Uses more medium

Are there any other considerations? I was going to go for 3 gallon pots (I have a four-plant grow in a 4x4 tent). My buddy is saying he’s using 2 gallon pots. I’m reading in here to use 5 gallon pots.

Now let’s talk about hard vs. soft.


  • cheaper
  • reusable (last forever)


  • self-pruning for the roots
  • less chance of waterlogging?

What am I missing? Am I overthinking this?

Many growers use 7 or 10 gallon fabric pots for photo plants. You can get away with a smaller 5 gal pot for autos. I don’t know that I would grow anything in a fabric pot less than 5 gallons. More roots = healthy plant. Fabric bags offer a great environment for root health. I grew in hard pots for my first grow. I quickly went to fabric pots and won’t go back.

The greatest benefit of fabric pots, IMHO, is that you can do a wet / dry cycle for cannabis about every 3rd or 4th day, which is perfect.

Larger pots do require more medium, but not more nutrients. Never feed more than your plants can eat.


@fixerpower - do you have a recommended brand for fabric pots?

I’ve used the Vivosun pots with good results.

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I haven’t used them myself, but I’ve heard good things on the interweb about radicle bags. I’m going to order a few for myself next go around.

Vivosun is getting a huge chunk of my money lately.

Cloth is better IMO, and the size should be determined by what medium you are using and how big you want it to get!

@Medmaker I think you may be overthinking it! Plants can grow in just about anything if the soil, nutrients and lighting are good. I do a mixature of fabric and plastic pots in both my indoor and outdoor grows. I do agree the bigger the pot the more soil/nutrients and watering needed. I do 5 gallons on my indoor grows and 10 to 15 gallons on my outdoor grows. Most will say fabric is better. I say its what you can afford and in this day and age what’s available honestly! Let us know what you decide! Stay Safe and Lit My Friend!! :fire::fire::fire::v::v:


One thing, and its a big thing in my mind… unless you buy the velcro cloth pots with the opening sides, and wishbto transplant/ pot up, the hard plastic nursery pot is better. Yes they dont self prune like a cloth pot but if you plant to size up you will not like the experience the standard cloth pot will give you its a pain in the butt.

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I started in jiffy pellets, potted up to a roughly 3"x3" plastic pot until I started seeing roots at the holes then potted up to 3 gallon cloth pots. I just ordered some cheap ones from Amazon and so far so good. I’m with @Cannabian I definitely wouldn’t want to have to get the root ball and soil out of that soft pot for another pot up. I have 4 girls in 3 gallon soft pots in a 3x3 tent. Still learning every day myself but thought I would throw that in there.


Something I absolutely swear by for sprout to final pot is those cow manure based Cow Pots. They are truly 100% biodegradable. I never have to disturb my plant when I transplant up. I originally started my first grow with the small cup size Cow Pot and now start with the quart size and just plop it in the final container. No transplant stress what so ever and these pots biodegrade and I believe probably add a bit of nutrients. Many biodegradable pots don’t biodegrade for eons, but CowPots actually do. At $1.35 a quart pot at my local, overpriced nursery, I think they are fairly good deal and probably way cheaper elsewhere. Although they have no detectable odor, dogs love them, so I have to make sure they are not where they can get to them.

I use the hard container that came with my AutoPot system and also Soft Pots for any plants I grew outside the hydroponics on the side of the tent. I got to say, I really like the fabric pots. When I empty them end of grow the roots are healthy and not gnarly. AutoPot now offers a Soft Pot version.

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I read somewhere to expect 1ft for ever 2 gallon pot size. So take that into consideration I guess

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