Tales from the Emerald Triangle

Hello Everyone!
Well, after spending two months in the urban hell-scape called Oakland, I moved to Redding, due solely to the fact that it looked like the cheapest place to start. First, a short primer on why Cali has the best Med Weed system on the planet.
Dispensaries are only allowed to run very limited grow ops. The only legal place for the 1000 dispensaries to get weed is from patients who hold MJ cards. This rules out RJ Reynolds from moving in, and controlling production. Each MJ card holder can grow 6 mature plants at a time. Some localities have higher limits, which is allowed. So, if one is a good gardener, and can maximize the yield per plant, you can make some good money working from home. Current price for primo indoor, 1 lb, is $3,400. Get a couple of other MJ card holders to let you use their grow privileged (collective garden), and you’re making incredible money. There is no State registry of grow ops, period. You MJ card grants you the right to grow. Of course, security remains paramount, so ideally, no one will ever now what you are up to. Especially thieves… :wink:
You can leave your house here reeking of weed, and nobody even raises an eyebrow! It’s as though they have, as a whole, simply gotten over the weed 'issue’. It is also quite liberal in all other ways, as well. I quite like it here.
Another thing…the climate here is perfect for growing, indoors or out. It’s December, and our highs are in the high 60’s. Never freezes (there are quite a number of Palm Trees in town). I call it 'Goldy Locks Weather’. Not too hot, not too cold.
I’ve got some of Robert’s White Widow going. I’m going to manifold them. I’ll post some pics when I get around to it. I’m going to stick with WW for the time being, getting every aspect fine-tuned to a 'T’. I’m also going to grow from seed. Takes a bit more time, but a seedling is better to manifold, IMHO. I’ll do a side-by-side, clone vs. seedling, soon. I’m in pure coir, in grow bags I made from Walmart shopping bags. Three weeks in, and they are under 300 watts of HPS. I will use both HPS and LED to flower. As always, Robert’s girls are robust, and growing fast. His particular WW genetics are of the highest quality, I potted up from 16 ounce cups to 1 gal nursery pots at ten days. Again, into 4 gal grow bags at 20 days. Building the manifold takes a little time, and that time will fill the bags with roots, so that I may feed lightly several times a day in flower. After the first run, the extra time simply works into the production system. Always 24/0 in veg.
Best hopes and wishes for all, during this holiday season, and always. Stay safe, stay loved. I’ll post war-stories here, as I accumulate them. Merry Christmas from the Emerald Triangle!! :wink:

As always Jodie, it is great to hear from you and your progress.

I have friends near Oakland and all over California and I visit often, maybe we can network a little with the medical community there.

What’s going on? Glad to see you getting up and running again :d

(been so long since I posted I forgot to check the ‘notify’ button!)

Yes, by all means, I would love to network with other Med people. I’m still getting used to being able to be more open with people. Here’s a good anecdote - my neighbor has mutiple vehicles, and had been parking on my lot. I have no vehicle, so when I move in I say ‘park anywhere you please’. She says ‘I can teel you like Bud’ and she gives me about and Oz and a half of several different strains, all primo, but cured badly (kids probably, in a huury! :wink: Says ’ tell me when it runs out…’. Now, Mac, this is my place. This is my tribe. I still get a grin when I stop and think I’m now a Northern Cali grower! It fits. :wink:

Hey, 'wood! Not much to report except the move. Which was, IMHO, amazing, in that I only had my SSI for funds. I left N.M. with very little headroom financially. My RV is a beast, but 10 miles out of Barstow she quit charging. I changed the alternator, didn’t work, but I managed to get to Oakland running on the battey (I guess). On the way up here, it overcharged. I need to take it to a professional, but the point here is, I made it. I’m here. (spoiler alert - I will be bursting my DWC hymen soon! :wink:

I’m so stoked. After a couple of false starts, I have a feel for the coir now. I freakin’ love that stuff! Everything is dialed in to a ‘T’ - humidity, temp, light. Ph in-and-out perfect. Ditto ppm’s. OMG…I finally got a dimable, digital, multi-watt output ballast. The last time I saw a ballast (12 yrs ago), it was magnetic, weighed about 25 lbs, and put out enough heat to toast bread. This ballast, running at 300, is room temperature!!! What a welcome inprovement in design. I love it. I have read enough about mixing LED’s and HPS in flower that I am going to do that, as well.

I’m really looking forward to getting a car, so I can hit the mountains!! I LOVE to hike mountains. I just found out that one can hike to the summit of Mt. Shasta, so I am planning on doing that next summer. I also, when my finances are more rosy, want to try powerd hang-gliding, or just regular gliding.

Wonderful to know you two clowns are above ground, and making CO2. Wishing you, and all, the very merry-ist holiday season ever. See ya soon -