Tales from Tatooine -- First grow in recently legal state

Hello! Really digging what appears to be an active community of growers and enthusiasts. Thought I would share my journey through a maiden grow now that it’s legal to do so. I can keep 5 plants. 1 plant >= 5 inches.

Ultimately I am working toward a perpetual grow of 2 plants with the option to keep a mother.

Already made my first mistake, I probably shouldn’t have started with a 5 plant grow. I believe my thought process was I’d have plenty of plants in the event that I mess something up. But the plan was to learn as much as I could on a first grow and have plenty of crop to ease the financial burden of dispensary costs.

Without further adieu, here’s week 1:

Day 1:
Seeds in wet napkin into a bowl and covered with a saucer. I’m using a towel and heating pad to keep the temp warm. Condensation is present beneath the saucer cover :+1:

4" Square pots setup with straight FoxFarm OF.
The girls will be drinking RO water which is currently testing around 6.66pH :smiling_imp:


You are going to have your hands full. Welcome to the community. :+1:


Thanks MrPeat! Ah man your name reminds me of a teacher I had in school!

Here’s some week 2 pictures. I had purchased a terrarium dome and 24W light that looks like a rocket booster!! The babies responded quite well to this light.

Around this time I also measured my water and come to the realization that my pH was up to 7.0-7.2 range. Not awful, but I wanted the pH in the 6 range. I picked up some CalMag and treated 1ml per gallon. The CalMag knocked the pH down to 6.25. Good enough for me. Good enough for the girls.

Worth noting: First appearance of my overachiever, that will later be referred to as “OA”


Week 3 progress pics, happy babies in the terrarium!! Later that week, I moved them into larger pots and beneath the blurple light, which was ultimately retired yesterday.

In hindsight, I probably could have left these babies in the 4" pots for another week. Something I will adjust when I start the next round of seeds.

FWIW at the time of this post I am currently on week5 of my grow, so almost caught up! ha!


Looking great!

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Some week 4 pics for posterity:


Introducing the girls (well hopefully, they are fem seeds though)

These pictures were taken right after I topped them and trimmed the 1st two nodes (the single leaf and 3-leaf nodes).


Here they are today, really soaking up everything the 250W Series 2+ can offer right now (at 80%)

Yesterday the girls were 23" from the led panel, today they were closer to 21" … so, moved the light up a little bit


Here’s a morning update. I noticed new growth leaves were a bit more yellow in color than usual so I decided to up my CalMag feeding from 1ml : 1gal to 3ml : 1gal.

How do they look?

In this last picture above… the bottom fan leave is pretty big, it has a slight curl to it, but the plant seems healthy otherwise… Anything I should be worried about? I kinda want to prune it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The very bottom plant when you zoom in has problems already. I’m not good at saying what the problem is but you do have issues.

Let me tag @MattyBear as he may know. The picture I am talking about is literally above my post. :+1:

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Looks like some slight N toxicity, but also ready to be transplanted to a larger pot as well


Agree with Matty. That last picture has excess nitrogen.

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Where is the excess Nitrogen coming from and how do I fix it? I wasn’t planning on repotting these girls for a while yet,… the next step up I have is 5gallon pots…

Probably the cal mag. It contains N.
What soil are you using?

It’s def time for a bigger pot.

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Over-fertilization or soil that is too hot. If you transplant it I would avoid a hot soil such as Ocean Forest. It needs a break. Happy Frog or something like it would be a good choice.

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@Drinkslinger has a good point too. Some cal-mag products have extra nitrogen in them.

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Could it also be a remnant from overwatering earlier on? All 5 plants are in the same organic soil mixture and had been watering with 1ml:1gal of CalMag

1.5 FF Ocean Forrest
6 quarts compost
5 quarts worm cast
4 quarts perlite
2 quart coco husk
1/4 cup Bud & Bloom
2 TBS amzolite

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Maybe I could flush with straight RO water PH’d at 6.5?

Could definitely be from overwatering, but those plants are ready for 5 gallon pots. The growth should really start to take off once you get them some bigger digs to spread out in :wink::v::bear:


That soil’s pretty rich. It works great all on its own. The one time I tried amending it, my grow went all screwy.

I’d replant and take it from there.

For future reference you can use just Epsom salts for magnesium, and growers lime for calcium. Cal mag is easy, but sometimes you don’t need the N or both cal and mag.

Earth juice makes “oilycan”, which is a Nitrogen free cal mag supplement.