Tale of Two Zkittlez

Update 6.5 weeks later. Tried the 48 hour darkness thing…twice. Result was growth of a few white wispy hairs, but nothing more after that. Have left it on a 12 hr light schedule since, and gave it a nice trim due to all the veg growth. Feeding her as if she’s flowering. Still nothing. She’s 97 days old now. Her sister, who was 1 week younger, is currently curing in jars. She is taking up valuable light, and am wondering if I should give up on her? Any ideas?
Thank you.

Meant to attach these pics. These are the best pics I could get from my phone.

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Nice looking plant to bad she wont flower for you.
I dont know if i missed it when reading but are you giving her bloom nutes.

Never mind i just re read dounds like you are

Do you live where you can put her outside so she not taking up lights and room indoors

After flipping it will take 10 to 14 day’s to start it transition, I wouldn’t be giving flower nutrients yet, still needs N. My guess is, it’s not an autoflower. Good luck, and as to getting rid of now yikes, this far along, lots of beautiful buts to be had.:money_mouth_face:

I wish. Chance of snow flurries this evening.

Thank you, Dforce. I didn’t know it took that long.

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