Tale of two plants

Pictures of three plants. One was planted in Feb. of this year, the other two (together) were planted in July. The older one is just about ready. The other two, one is turning a purple color, the other even though the same strain has yet to turn.


Did you upgrade your light?

Yes I did. Much brighter and has settings for grow and bloom.

What kind of light did you get

Beautiful looking bud also

a Beelux 1000w grow light from amazon

That’s (supposedly) 105 watts. I am currently using 300 watts and am looking for an upgrade

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correct 105 watts, I think that is all I need, just small grows, 1-2 plants. And a small space.

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Beautiful plants. What size growing space do you have?

You will continue to get small buds and inconsistent growth. If you come asking advice later be sure to include this information as it will be pertinent to any situation…


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