Taking the plunge

I don’t know if this is good, but when I open my tent flap, I feel like Joe Biden sniffing a little girls hair



Heaven is less than an Innagoddadavida (long version) away.

Was that right?

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Those are new leaves

The new growth will have a lighter green color than established growth. This is normal and a good sign. The tips yellowing could be that your light was a little close. Probably a good call in backing that off a couple inches. The growths in question are new branch spots coming in I believe. If you mark your photos with an editing app such as “polish” it would be easier to know exactly what your asking about.

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Happy Sunday!

I watered yesterday using three quarts of nutrients and had less than 12 ounces of runoff.

Going in
ph 6.51
ppm 540
ec 1080

Coming out
ph 5.96
ppm 1640
ec 3430

Random pictures from yesterday and today

Yesterday the calendar ticked off day 22 of growth. It also showed that it has been 5 weeks since I stuck the seed between the paper towels. I don’t know if that means I’m at the halfway point or not. All I know, if last week I didn’t say that I’m excited about the next week brings, I’m saying this week.

Been reading about pruning techniques. The best advise the article had was don’t do it for the first 3 grows so you can study how the plant grows.
Sound advise, but this week I’m going to go in and check the center of the plant and learn the skeletal system and figure out what the article says should be going on besides growing upwards and see if I cant do a little LST.

Have a great afternoon
Peace and Blessings


Latest pictures.

I’ve trimmed, fimmed, flimmed and flammed the past week. I think another change is close.

My MarsHydro 1000 is as high as it will go in the tent. I guess I’ll be in a crash course about the dimming mechanism and red and blue lights. Tell me when.
As you can see the speaker to the right, she has her share of the best entertainment in the house. Willie, Lyle Lovett, Zac Brown and a lot of others in between. Sucks when the party spot in the house is your grow tent.

I’ve been spinning the pot around, pulling stems from one another, wondering who’s going to popping through the screen first and where I’ll put them. At this point, the cream is rising, but you have to seperate it from the rest. Lets hope I can figure a good SCRoG pattern.

I’m going to put her on a 12/12 light schedule on Thanksgiving day. She will have graduated from vegetative to flowering: Phase one.

What can go wrong? God certainly knows how to grow a weed.


Looking great


Texas is different than the rest of the USA. Strict rules and laws here. And Hemp is a waste of time.

Happy new week!
Day 31

She’s finally popping through the screen.

Still a lot of growth below the screen as well I wonder if I should start to trim some leaves but I really don’t know where to begin.

It’s a mish-mash of what’s going to be growing through the screen next. I guess it’s wait and see, let the growth come through and leave the rest underneath.

Whatever pops up between now and Thursday will be exciting. I’ll be throwing the 12/12 switch from 18/6 and send her in flower mode. I plan to take the branches above and tying them to the screen so they grow horizontally. I read to do this in the instruction guide that came with the grow tent kit.

I rigged up the light so I can raise it another three inches so that will give me some added room but I’m wondering if I’ll have to fiddle with the dimming switch on the MarsHydro. No one really explains what this is all about. I know it cuts down on the white light and intensifies the red, but when do you do this?

Any comments and tips would be appreciated. I’m not ready to try lollipopping or anything, I’m just wanting a nugget at the end of the grow to show it was successful.
Have a great day

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Big day besides being thankful my weed hasn’t died yet.

I’ve been tucking and weaving, gave Eden a drink of a potion of Big Bloom, Big Grow and Tiger Bloom. She seems to be enjoying it. It’s her first night of getting 12 hours of sleep so we will see what the next few days and weeks brings us.

A lot of stuff downstairs wants to come upstairs, but I’ll only let them up when there’s room. Makes me wish I got the ts 2000 instead of the ts 1000 but I’ll try to keep things in the center and not the sides.

Of course, if it comes to using the outside spaces I’ll be more than happy to put them up there. It may not be as sunny and warm but I’ll show all the hospitality I can. In the meantime, tuck, weave, bend and fluff. I figure another 6 to 7 weeks before I’ll be puffing and passing my craft.
Praying that the Lord continues to Grace my work.


@pedally just wanted to say your doing an excellent job, your plant is looking healthy👍

Happy growing, stay safe :v:


Thank you

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As much as I loved scrogging in the 80’s,

I like this SCRoG about 70% as much and I don’t sweat near as much doing this.

yeah, yeah. You mention edibles. When’s that happen?



Day 5 of 12/12 light

ScrOGing like crazy

I’m not sure about the timeline. Do you think it will be ready to chop between Christmas and New Years? Sooner? Later? I don’t know what a button looks like. Just keeps growing and I keep tying,

Peace and Blessings


Definitely some time in the new year. You have around 8 weeks from here. Could be less, probably a little more. Looks like she’s stretching. When she’s done with that the “buttons” will begin to form. The little pointy vertical leaves will fall horizontal and many more pistils.


yeah, I just reread this article. Looks like at least Valentines day before I’ll have decent smoke. Good things come to those who wait. Patience