Taking the plunge

Hi-Ho Everyone

I’m new to this so I want to introduce you to my state of the art genetics lab with the hope of getting buds better than a juicy 'mater in July.
I received my seeds in the mail today, 5 Autoflower White Widows from ILGM. Hoo-Haw! I was so excited I forgot to check the Farmers Almanac and started sprouting a seed though, according to the moon (and who argues with the moon?) it shall surely rot. I still have four little sisters so if this one doesn’t do well I’ll wait a few days.
Throughout this “experiment” I’ll probably divulge little bits of wisdom like the fact that this is for medicinal purposes and for personal use. I’m just looking for the righteous strain to bring it all together. (Aren’t we all?)
I bought an official hemp growing kit on the internet. Pretty discreet except the sticker on the outside of the box saying “hemp growing kit” for the world to see.
The tent is 3x3x4. Easy to put together.
3 24w LED lights that adjust to three levels. 1x4s and2x4s complete the adjustments.
a nice ScrOG trellis set at 18 inches. That will get a lot of use.
A tray for the floor just in case
20 quarts of Fort Vee organic potting soil
a 20 quart grow bag
Fox Farm Fertilizer
Big Bloom
Grow Big
Tiger Bloom
6 inch clip on fan that can’t really clip anywhere
Power strip with timer
Foam plant ties
Pocket snips
All I need are seeds, a 4 inch pot and a magnifying glass. I’m not quite ready for close ups but I have the other two!
I’m looking forward to chatting and getting advise along the way. If I can figure out how to share photos I will


So you got seeds soaking now or in towels. Have you done any growing prior? Welcome to the site and all…good luck. Keep it green :v:

Welcome @pedally I’ll tag along and watch if that’s ok

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I have them in three half paper towels soaked with tap water inside a quart size plastic bag, unsealed. They are roughly 2 inches from the LEDs on a seedling warming bed. I need to find a heat source for my area to keep it up to temp. I’ll let her nap through tomorrow and check the progress on Monday

works for me! If I mess up on something, a calling out would be most helpful

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This is how you upload pictures

Thanks. I’m learning as I go on a crap of a computer. LOL
I wanted to mention that I read an interesting article entitled “Weed rituals: a cross cultural calm” in an email. Google it but I don’t think I can post from other sites. We were given an endocannabinoid system for a reason. Explore it

Deep Down, in an underground bunker, Is a super secret state of the art agronomical laboratory whos aim, at this time, is to bring, from a tiny small seed, the size maybe a bit bigger than a mustard seed, and bring it full term to a beautiful, luscious, healing herb.


Precious little baby seed gently swaddled in a cocoon of three one half sheets of drenched paper towels folded in half and placed in an open quart size bag.
It’s resting on a seedling warming blanket. Inside the tent is around 75 degrees and cold weather is coming. Fingers crossed I have a good heat solution.
The heating pad is on 24/7 right now as are the lights. Paper towels shoved in strange plastic bags get scared of the dark


Or drag and drop into the message body.

Didn’t know this. I assume this is on pc, I’m using iPhone.

I’m not sure if ILGM will move this post to the appropriate place it needs to be in on the forum but this is a photo of my State of the Art Seed spawning Saturation System (SotA S4-01) at approx 37 hours of startup.

after a 48 hour soak this is what I came up with
I’m a daddy!
I started this on 10/10. According to the Farmers Almanac, if you take stock in that, 10/10-14 says it is "a most barren period, best for killing pests and doing chores.
10/15-16 is a good day to sow and plant things
10/17-18 is good for starting seed beds for “leafy veggies”. (close enough)
10/19-20 says not to do anything.
I may sprout another seed around the 17th-18th just in case.

I’ll plant my little girl in a 3 inch pot with Burpee Seed Starter mix and keep her nice and warm using part of the SotA S4-01 as a dome over the pot and see what she’s capable of.

If you are interested in the SotA S4-01 Send me $19.95 plus shipping and handling and you will receive not one, but TWO SotA S4-01 kits. Legal in most states. Refills also available.


Day one of an exciting 14 week adventure
White Widow Autoflower

In an earlier post I mentioned an article about Weed Rituals: a cross- cultural connection to calm.
It can be found here:
Be cool


Dude I’m following this one funny chit man! I like a good not too serious journal. You know what I mean we love our plants but take it in stride. Funny funny bro!!


I learned a long time ago that if you take life too seriously it’s not good.
If you can’t have fun doing something you love, you’re doing it wrong.
Live Long and Prosper


@Amazon66 you may wanna watch this one… he’s another one of you farmer almanac talking peeps. Moon phases and all that jazz…

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I think the lights that came with your kit (3 at 23watts of unknown efficiency) are going to be an issue. This is super common, so don’t feel bad. Feel mad at the kit seller.

With the low height of the tent, you might have a challenge finding a suitable light at the right strength. Something like a Mars Hydro TS 2000 or an HLG 260 XL would be efficient and powerful in the space you’ve selected. But let us know your thoughts and budget and we’ll help you figure this out.


It’s a cheapie(?) that’s for sure. Depending on the success of growing and my patience of not looking at it every 10 minutes, I may buy a second larger sophisticated State of the Art S4 Deluxe (SotA S4-D) and customize it. I’m looking forward to checking out the Solar Cloning Staging Apparatuses (SCSA’s, of course) to optimize my yield.
Thanks. I’m open to all suggestions
“Pinky, I think it’s time to take over the world”

Think about this: Before the New World was discovered, raped and pillaged and before the discovery of tobacco, what did those people actually smoke in their pipes?
Happy indigenous people day


You are 100% right… Before you take the plunge see if growing is for you and you fall in love with the hobby like all of us. The lights will grow weed, ittl just be larf and fluffy. lights are a big investment …


[https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/entourage-effect/](What is the Entourage Effect? The Science Behind High Quality CBD)

Lord, I really enjoy this website