Taking the plunge with supplements

. The girls are in early flower. I’m using GH Cocotek grow and bloom A&B at which I’ve been using at half strength . So far so good.
I just bought GH Rapid Start , Floralicous Plus , and Liquid Kool Bloom. That’s about as deep into it I’d like to get at the time. My question is , has anyone used these and do I use these at half strength also ?


I used Kool Bloom for my 1st and 2nd grow. Seems to work well but I don’t have anything to compare it to. But I will show you the results.

Thats from one plant that was grown in a aeroponics system
I set my nute strength by mesuring my PPM. For this system I have to keep my PPMs below 500 or I will get nute burn. I also use Ducth Masters Gold as my base nutes and use Kool Bloom for the supplement.


Wow Max… But since it’s a supplement , and the manufacturers suggest only small amounts to begin with …2.5 ml per gallon… Do you start only using that at half strength ??

Very nice wish i could smell it! What strain that??

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Are you growing in dirt?

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ILGM Gold Leaf


Cool :sunglasses: smokes up good i bet?

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Very good. Sweet smell with a hint of citrus. 2 hits and I’m done. :sunglasses: lol