Taking the plunge into indoor growing

After growing autoflowers outdoors for 2 years, I am having to transition to growing indoors due to an unscheduled move. I will be buying a 5x5 tent to go into the attic, since that will be the only private and secure space I will have.

My interest is to continue growing autoflowers, 4 at a time, for the variety and lack of light spectrum switching needed with Femanized plants.

This is where I have a question:

-The lighting.
I don’t want to invest heavily yet. I want to see what I can do with what I have. The lights I plan to use are 4’ 57 watt full spectrum LED shop lights. They are 4500k each, plan on using 2. I have researched light requirements, most plants thrive between the 4k and 6k spectrum. The benefit of using these lights for autos, to me, seem ideal since I am not needing to switch spectrum for veg and flower.

For :poop:s and giggles, I am including pictures of one of the lights on and off. The cover will remain off as to not reduce the intensity of the LEDs. This is in our 10x20 workshop, so the light intensity will be greater in an enclosed space.

Any and all advice or success/failure stories welcomed.

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I hope you can cool the temps in an Attic. I would be hard pressed to try that in South Texas since the attics will get past 150 degrees. :flushed:


I was planning on using a small portable AC unit in the tent.


Sounds like a plan. I have never grew in a attic. But my thoughts would be best fit for a winter grow. And ran lights of the night time. And off of the day when attic is going to be hot. Just my thoughts. Good luck with your new venture.

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My concerns would be:

  1. 114 watts is not much light for 4 plants. I’d double that at least, light is the main factor for yield, more light, more yield (to a point).
  2. 4500k is great for veg, not so great for flowering, yield will be reduced over a more flower friendly spectrum 3000K - 3500K.

This info is because of that’s what is typical cct of sun. What they don’t tell you is that is 5000k 100cri, which is very different spectral distribution than typical 5000k 80cri shop led shop light. Check the cri, if it’s not something like 97cri, you will want to go with a warmer cct. Look around at what most of the growers here with led lights use. 3000k-3500k seed to harvest.

You will be under powered with only two of them. If that’s what it’s going to be, just keep your expectations reasonable.

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Decided to start seeds in their soak. 24 hours later I have a milky stream in my water coming from one of the seeds. All have been stored correctly and this is first time seeing this. Is it safe to plant them or should I toss them?

They are Blueberry Autos from ILGM.

*above seed at the 1 o’clock position.