Taking Pictures of Trichomes - How?!

I purchased a zOrb electronic microscope so I could take those fancy pics of trichomes I see all over the Web. My problem is that I apparently do not have steady enough hands to actually get a good look at the trichomes, let alone take a picture. I took video and tried to screen grab but that was all blurry too.

How do people take good pics of their trichomes?! Everything is shaking around too much, especially me. I turned off all the ventilation in my tent and that helped, but I’m still wondering the best way to get a clear look at my buds close up. Any tips?

Maybe you can find a tripod or something like this

@Bogleg Here is how I do it. I cut a very small sample in the area that I want to look at, then set it on a surface that will have a good back ground (something black or white). then focus my microscope on that small sample. This way nothing is moving and you can get a good picture like this.

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Hope that helps


@MAXHeadRoom - that definitely helps! When you say a small sample area, how small are we talking?

Ok, I tried it out by cutting off one of my small, lower buds:

Still need to work on focusing etc. but at least I can see them to make a judgement on readiness better. :slight_smile: Thanks Max!


I usually just cut one of the tiny leaves that are on your bud. You don’t need a very big sample. So take a pair of regular scissors and gently cut one of the tiny leaves off. In most cases it will stick to you scissors. Then place it on a white or black background and take a picture. They are very sticky so sometimes its hard to get them off

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Looks great. Your a PRO!!! :rofl:

Looks like you are about 4 to 5 weeks in flower. How close am I?

Maybe you can put a picture whit your magnifier :laughing:

Very close - I am 5 weeks in a near I can tell.

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I used the zOrb electronic microscope:

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I have a microscope and I bought a small tripod at amazon (Amazon links are permitted)


It’s a nice one and she do the job :wink:. But like @bob31 said you need to remove the link. Sorry

This one came with a mount for a cell phone and it fit the base of my camera/ scope perfectly!

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Done - sorry, I thought the issue with links was if it was for competitor sites (seed banks, growers).

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daaaaaaaaaaang my mouth is watering!!!

Clipped a little today to take a look:

Are those mostly clear or mostly cloudy? It looks like a see a single, lonely amber one in there too. :slight_smile:

Still clear… Check her in 2-3 days again.


Mostly clear. But you really don’t want to cut off your buds to look at them. @Bogleg